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Spanish PM dissolves Catalan parliament and calls elections


Simon Hunter has followed for El Paìs, the situation in the Country since the morning of 27 October. In the evening it has appeared a summary in which he has affirmed that: “Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has called elections in the Catalan region for December 21, after having removed the regional premier and his government from their roles. The Catalan parliament has been dissolved. All of these measures have been taken under Article 155 of the Constitution, the invocation of which was approved today by the Spanish Senate.”. The situation in the Country is quite tense, after the declaration of independence of Catalonia. During the morning the Parliament of Catalonia has started the process to approve a law to regulate the transition and the foundation of the Republic. After some hours there has been the reply by the central government, with the activation of article 155.

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