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The CDM: a Movement to boycott the March elections


The Civil Democratic Movement, founded in December 2017, is a coalition of liberal and leftist political parties and organizations and includes liberal Dostour, Egyptian Social Democratic and Reform parties, as well as the Development Party, the Socialist Popular Alliance Party, the Nasserist Karama Current and the leftist under-construction Bread and Freedom Party. In an official statement it announced its intention to boycott the upcoming presidential election because of the total absence of transparency , guarantees and freedom in the electoral process. The CDM claimed that the state in the past few weeks forced the potential candidates to withdraw from the presidential election, including the human rights lawyer Khaled Ali, in order tto eliminate any obstacles or serious challenge to El-Sisi’s election. Mostafa Moussa is the only one who was able to complete the candidacy requirements submitting 47 000 citizens’ endorsement to the NEA on Monday.

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