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Mexico and the United States agree that weapons do not go south nor drugs north


MEXICO CITY – The Secretary of Homeland Security of the United States, Kirstjen Nielsen, indicated that the US government and the Department of Homeland Security in particular, is committed to a strong and healthy relationship with Mexico. Mexico, he said, is one of the most important business partners of the American Union, and the United States is a very important commercial partner for Mexico. The alliance, Nielsen emphasized, is important for the two countries, not just for security and prosperity, “as it was in the past, it is now, and will continue to be the same from now on”. The US official stressed that “we all want drugs not to go north. We want weapons and money does not continue to flow”.

Aguirre accuses Cebu City mayor of drug trade

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Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña is involved in the illegal drug trade, Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II said yesterday. Aguirre said they have a witness who submitted an affidavit who named Osmeña as a “protector of drug lords.”  The witness surfaced last year, but he did not divulge it because they were still building the case. Aguirre said the NBI would file charges against Osmeña once the information is verified. Asked about the specific charges to be filed against Osmeña, Aguirre said, “Something like protection of drug lords together with police officials.” Last week, Osmeña threatened to file graft and disbarment cases against Aguirre over his supposed interference in the tax evasion charges filed by the Cebu City government against executives of SM Prime Holdings and BDO Unibank Inc. Aguirre said the respondents requested the transfer because they feel they could ”hardly expect fairness since the people (in Cebu) will favor the mayor” and there was nothing irregular in his order to transfer the cases against SM and BDO executives to the Department of Justice from the Cebu prosecutor’s office.

Taliban want Farah as a base


The governor for the western province of Farah warned that Taliban wants to change Farah into its base. Farah residents are worrying  because the militants have intensified attacks in several districts, but the governor downplays it. “Taliban cannot dare attack the security forces in daylight, but they wage attacks on them with sophisticated weapons overnight”, Mohammad Aref Shahjahan said Tuesday. He emphasized that the insurgent group wants to establish its base by intensifying attack, but said the government forces have control on the province. “This is why Taliban is destabilizing Farah in order to create a corridor to the south-west region. Their plan has attracted attention of their supporters”. The provincial council had earlier warned against the fall of the province if the government did not prevent Taliban’s attacks. According to some military, Farah is instable because of Iran border and drugs trade. Representatives of Farah in the parliament, accuse the government of hiding realities about the security situation. “Situation is not good in Farah, Taliban has its own custom office and receives taxes from trucks”, said Samiullah Samim, a lawmaker from Farah.

Jalisco Cartel Nueva Generación increased violence in Mexico: WSJ


The number of homicides in Mexico rose in 2017 to its highest level in recent decades, largely as a result of a powerful and relatively new band of drug traffickers that expanded its operations throughout the country, says the US newspaper The Wall Street Journal. The Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG) is a fast-growing drug trafficking organization in Mexico and is largely responsible for the increase in violence the nation has suffered since 2015, as Mexican security officials have stated.

Afghanistan: operation against drug labs


Hayatullah Hayat, provincial governor of Helmand province has told that at least 40 drug labs were destroyed during the last two months; however, he said narcotic drugs are still the main source of financing terrorism.  “We have destroyed dozens of drug labs and we have killed drug traffickers and more than a hundred Taliban militants who were involved in this business. In addition, we have seized and destroyed more than three tons of narcotics”, Mr. Hayat said. Afghan defense ministry says targeting the revenue streams of terrorists is very effective in order to disable the insurgents. Recently, U.S. and Afghan forces conducted a series of strikes against Taliban drug labs in Helmand province.

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