The NATO Summit in Vilnius Demonstrates the Growing Western Support of Ukraine

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The NATO Summit in Vilnius Demonstrates the Growing Western Support of Ukraine

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the most important component of guaranteeing Ukraine’s security was weapons. Accordingly, NATO member states will supply the Armed Forces with everything necessary for victory over Russia to come. Financial assistance to Ukraine from the member countries of the Alliance is also increasing. Thus, on July 11, it became known that Norway increased the package of military aid for Ukraine up to $930 million. 2023 Vilnius summit confirmed that NATO understands the importance of supporting Ukraine, which is a guarantee of European security. The war in Ukraine confirmed Kyiv’s right to be part of NATO: after the victory over Russia, Ukraine will become a member of the Alliance

Ukraine’s NATO membership became the most significant issue atthe Alliance Summit in Vilnius. In the conditions of a full-scale war unleashed by Putin, it became obvious that NATO must respond to the challenges and threats from Russia. Accordingly, assistance to Ukraine and the timely supply of necessary weapons became a priority for NATO countries. Moscow received a strong signal that the West will continue to support Ukraine, and Putin will in no way be able to influence Ukraine’s entry into the Alliance. Russia’s isolation in the international arena will increase: the terrorist state, trying to change the existing world order, will face new sanctions. The dialogue with it will become toxic.

Ukraine is effectively developing bilateral cooperation with NATO member countries. In particular, an agreement was reached with Sweden on cooperation in the field of defense procurement, France will supply SCALP long-range missiles for Su-24M of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The “thousand cuts” strategy has itspractical results: Russia is exhausted and bloodied – this is a merit of the Armed Forces, which skillfully use modern Western weapons.

The result of the Vilnius Summit is NATO membership of Ukraine after the end of the war. The cancellation of the MAP for Ukraine was a step that will significantly speed up Ukraine’s path to the Alliance and eliminate a number of bureaucratic aspects. The West demonstrated strong support for Ukraine, which after the war will become one of the most influential countries in Europe and an effective shield against Russian aggression.

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