The Kremlin Is Creating a Hit List of European Politicians

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The Kremlin Is Creating a Hit List of European Politicians: Medvedev Coordinated the Assassination Attempt on the Minister of Defense of Italy?

On March 15, the Italian Il Foglio newspaper published an article about Russia’s plans to assassinate Italian Defense Minister Guido Crosetto. Citing anonymous sources in Western intelligence, the publication claims that the operation to assassinate the Italian minister is personally led by Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council and former president of Russia. For the head of G. Crosetto, Putin’s “right hand” promised the mercenaries of the Wagner PMC (they were supposed to kill the Italian minister) $15 million as a reward. The Kremlin has a “hit list” of European politicians. It contains many well-known and high-ranking officials whom the Kremlin intends to eliminate physically. This is an objective fact, the only question is whether the Wagner PMC mercenaries who have flooded Europe and became Putin’s personal executioners will get to them. 

The Wagner PMC has at least two cells in Europe: in the Balkans,mimicking ordinary Europeans. It is known, that their hidden transfer to the EU countries may be the reason of the recent decrease in the number of Wagner mercenaries in African countries (during January-March 2023 their number decreased by about 10 %, in total – about 500-800 people). As of mid-March 2023, they may be located in Italy, France and Germany, much less likely – in Spain and Greece. Putin launched an era of hybrid aggression against the EU, and this aggression manifests itself in a wide variety of forms and methods: from mass rallies, pro-Russian demonstrations, to the assassination of officials involved in important government decisions.

The Kremlin’s agents of influence are a carefully hidden Russian threat that is present in many European countries. They can be found among ordinary citizens, Russian migrants, representatives of political movements. It is these categories of Europeans that constitute the target audience of the Russian special services in their attempts to destabilize Europe. Recent pro-Russian rallies in Bilbao and Prague have attracted several thousand people. At first glance, there is nothing suspicious in this, except for one thing: these actions took place almost simultaneously and the Kremlin a priori involved in their organization. Similar events could take place in almost any EU country – even under the pretext of calls for peace in Ukraine. This goal is the starting point for Russia in the context of attempts to stop Western aid to Ukraine. Repeated statements by the Italian Minister of Defense about increasing military assistance for the Armed Forces of Ukraine motivated the Kremlin to organize an assassination attempt on Guido Crosetto, that is, both crime and terror in one precedent.

At the moment, Russia is filling the EU countries with mercenaries and saboteurs of all stripes, the most dangerous of which are the Wagnerites, as they have real combat experience and can be extremely dangerous in case of terrorist attacks and sabotage in European cities. As an analogy, we can cite the example of Russia “throwing” its saboteurs into Ukrainian cities on the eve of a full-scale invasion: some of these arrived in Ukraine 2-3 years before the start of the war, because Putin had been preparing for the invasion for a long time. They settled in cities, studied them, obtained the necessary information, made acquaintances in circles of interest – all this in order to use thisinformation during the invasion of Russian troops. Now Russia is doing the same thing, infiltrating its saboteurs into the EU countries or recruiting them on the ground – among the Russian diaspora, which is best suited for the search for “agents of influence”.

Putin has created not just an unprecedented threat to Europe, he plans elimination of non-convenient politicians. The organization of the assassination attempt on Guido Crosetto is the best example of how Russia will solve problematic issues: there are no limits for it, as well as “red lines”. Political assassinations are coordinated and financed by the top officials of the Russian Federation, and the Russian special services not only cooperate with criminal groups and mercenaries who are part of them, but also entered into an actual symbiosis with them. Moscow inspires terror and thus tries to turn the EU countries away from further support for Ukraine. Thus, the anti-war lobby in Europe unwittingly becomes an ally of the Kremlin, and its influence is greatly enhanced by the aforementioned Russian diaspora. There are many Russians in European countries, but practically do not adopt the European way of life and the European worldview even after many years. They are an ideal environment for extremism and terror against Europeans. As an example, we can cite the “avalanche” of anonymous letters that flooded the mailboxes of Germans in many cities of Germany, which contained an appeal to urgently flee Germany because the United States was preparing to attack it. This is proof of the subversive work of the Russian diaspora, which again manifested itself simultaneously with the pro-Russian rallies in the EU.

Russia failed to seize Ukraine “in three days”, its aggression faceda unanimous boycott of the entire civilized world, Russian energy carriers were forced out of the European market. But Putin is not going to end the war and wants to move it to Europe. The Russian army does not have sufficient potential to conduct a direct confrontation with the NATO armies, so Russia first wants to create chaos and anarchy by physically eliminating “unwanted”Western politicians. It is no coincidence that Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation and former President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev on March 17 in his Telegram channel directly hinted that aircraft accidents could occur with the planes of US senators who dare to voice anti-Russian rhetoric. This is a veiled threat and actual confirmation that Russia has announced a hunt for Western politicians – an unprecedented civilizational challenge and state-sponsored terror. Even the USSR, in the years of the worst confrontation with the West, has never committed assassination attempts on the first persons of states, trying to find a reasonable compromise. But Putin’s Russia is an unprecedented threat since 1945, which must be eliminated by the common efforts of the countries of the West. Putin left no choice but to use force to solve this problem. Otherwise, Russia will provoke total chaos, which will lead to the decline and death of Western civilization, which at the moment is less protected from Russian extremism than ever before.

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