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Ambassador Mellul confirms, no Niger rebels in Libya

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During a meeting with the President of HCS Sewehli, the Niger ambassador to Libya, Mellul, has denied any presence of armed opposition groups form his country on the Libyan soil. He also underlined Niger’s support for the restoration of security and stability in the country.


U.S. Strikes Qaeda Target in Southern Libya, Expanding Shadow War There

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BENGHAZI, Libya — The United States military carried out its first ever drone strike against Qaeda militants in southern Libya this weekend, signaling a possibly significant expansion of the American counterterrorism campaign in the North African nation. The attack on Saturday that the military’s Africa Command said had killed two militants — later identified by a spokeswoman as belonging to Al Qaeda’s branch in northwestern Africa — took place in the country’s southwest, a notorious haven for a deadly mix of Al Qaeda and other extremist groups that also operate in the Sahel region of Niger, Chad, Mali and Algeria.

Libya reports oil losses of 144 million dollars due to PFG protest


Mellitah Oil and Gas company has reported a monthly loss of more than 2.16 million bpd of crude oil due to the continued closure of the Al-Feel oil field. Negotiations with the southern branch of Petroleum Facilities Guard, which closed the oil file to protest the delay in the payment of their salaries, have not led to any positive results.

Libya: Gaddafi’s son is France’s winnig card

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According to unnamed sources Saif Gaddafi is still in Zintan and he is in contact with international figures for his political ambitions. In particular, France is using Saif and backing him up in order to overcome the influence of the UAE in Libya.

Al-Jamali confirmed the Arab League support to Libya


The head of the Presidential Council Al-Serraj met the Arab League envoy to Libya Salah Al-Din Al-Jamali. According to the statement of the Information Office of the Presidential Council, Al-Jamali said that the Arab League will support Libya in its process of reconciliation with all the assistance and cooperation also to the initiative of the UN envoy Salamè, in order to help the country to achieve unity and security. He also added that the Arab League will assist Libya in the electoral process, cooperating with the United Nations. During the meeting he invited Serraj to attend the Arab Summit, set for next March in Riyadh.

Six individuals arrested because of affiliation to terrorist organization


The Interior Ministry reported the arrest of six individuals in the delegation of Sidi Ali Ben Aoun, governorate of Sidi Bouzid for incitement to terrorism. Their age is between 21 and 27 years old, and these individuals are suspected of belonging to a “takfirist” cell of 9 members.The suspects pledged allegiance to the terrorist organization “Daesh” and confessed their continued contact with terrorist elements in Libya and Syria. They held secret meetings in a mosque in the area to encourage young people to join terrorist groups in conflict zones.

The kidnappers of the Sudanese migrants were arrested


The Security Forces led by Al-Bunyan al-Marsous arrested in Sirte the kidnappers of the Sudanese migrants, who were in videos that have gone viral in Libya over the last days. The first video showed a man in extreme pain brunt with hot silicon, while the second one consisted of ten migrants lashed repeatedly on their backs.  Al-Bunyan al-Marsous said that the kidnappers were five Libyans and one man from Palestine, adding that the victims were transferred to Ibn Sina hospital in Sirte. The Sudanese Foreign Minister met the Libyan one to protest the videos showed the tortures.

The EU- Egypt Association Agreement


In Cairo was held the fifth session of the Subcommittee on Political Matters, Human Rights and Democracy of the Association Agreement between Egypt and the European Union. The meeting took place within the framework of the Partnership Priorities 2017-2020 signed by Egypt and EU and was chaired by Ambassador Raouf Saad and Colin Scicluna. The members discussed about the Middle East peace process, the situations in Syria, Libya and the Arab region. Both sides recognised the necessity of strengthening dialogue and cooperation on all matters of mutual interest. They discussed also cooperation in human rights, rule of law and democracy in order to achieve stability and peace in the Mediterranean area.

Foreign Ministers of Tunisia Algeria and Egypt :”political agreement” for the political solution in Libya


The Foreign Ministers of Tunisia, Algeria and Egypt reaffirmed on Sunday their support of “the political agreement” as a “framework for the political solution in Libya.They also reaffirmed their commitment to Libya’s unity, stability and regional security.Besides, the three ministers welcomed the Security Council’s Declaration of December 14 on “the situation in Libya,” pointing out the United Nations’ crucial role and political and legal responsibility as the sponsor of the Libyan political dialogue. In this regard, they called on all sides to assume their responsibilities to meet the deadlines set out in the political agreement. They also agreed to continue their security co-ordination efforts between their countries to assess the terrorist organisations’ threats to security and stability in Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and Egypt and in neighbouring countries and to reinforce intelligence sharing in this regard. This tripartite ministerial meeting is part of the implementation of the Tunisian presidential initiative to reach a peaceful solution to the crisis in Libya.

Libya political stakeholders lash out at British Foreign Secretary over rude Sirte remarks


The Foreign Affairs Committee of House of Representatives and the Interim Government led by Abdullah Al-Thanni have strongly deplored British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson’s rude remarks about Sirte, regarding it “blatant interference in Libya’s internal affairs”. In a statement on Thursday, the Tobruk-based parliament committee said the “unacceptable remarks” of Britain’s top diplomat are “a violation of Libya’s sovereignty”, demanding a clarification and an apology to the Libyan people from the British government. The government accused Britain of supporting the Muslim Brotherhood group, Dignity Operation’s political foes, and working with other western countries to enable them to control the country for the interest of Britain. In Tripoli, the Presidential Council, which Britain recognizes, summoned British Ambassador to Libya Peter Millett and demanded a clarification for the remarks. Chairman of the Council Fayaz Sirraj told Ambassador Millett that Johnson’s remarks are unacceptable, but Millett explained that Johnson was referring to the bodies of ISIS militants. The High Council of State has not yet responded to Johnson’s remarks.

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