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Iran calls Netanyahu ‘infamous liar’ over nuclear allegations


Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi condemned Monday’s remarks by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu against Tehran and said the Zionist regime sees its existence in demonizing others and using the “shabby” policy of “charlatanism”. In a statement, Qassemi deplored Netanyahu’s comments against the Islamic Republic as “a ridiculous propaganda show” and said his recent television presentation was “one of the latest repetitive episodes of fruitless and shameful shows about Iran’s ‘secret’ nuclear program. The Zionist leaders see the survival of their illegitimate regime, which is based on lies, in portraying others as threats through using shabby charlatanism in the era of ignorance of the world’s public opinion,” the spokesman said. He further emphasized that the futility of the Israeli regime’s policies is becoming more and more obvious to the world. Netanyahu on Monday delivered a televised address in which he accused Iran of violating the JCPOA.

Iran: Qasemi condemned Israel’s invasion against Syria


Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qasemi strongly condemned Israel’s fighter invasion against Syria and called it a clear violation of international law and in the direction of strengthening terrorism. Qasemi said undoubtedly this action of the Israel, when field developments are beneficial to the Syrian legal government, is to strengthen terrorist groups with the aim to deviate public opinion from Gaza catastrophe and its tens of martyrs and thousands of injures. The spokesman underlined again Iran’s full support for territorial integrity and national sovereignty of Syria and called on all countries and international community to avoid being indifferent towards such clear invasion against a UN member. 

Iran’s Larijani slams ‘inhumane’ Israeli acts against Palestinians


Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani strongly condemned the “criminal” and “inhumane” Israeli acts against peaceful Palestinian protesters on Land Day. “Such acts are the continuation of the Zionists’ repeated crimes (against Palestinians) under the support of the US administration”, Larijani added in his remarks on Sunday. He further described the Israeli regime’s policy of creating tension in the region as well as US President Donald Trump’s decision to move his country’s embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem as plots orchestrated by Tel Aviv and Washington to undermine the region’s security and stability. “The terrorists ruling Tel Aviv only understand the language of force”, the top Iranian official noted, adding that only resistance can stop the “power-mad” regime. Larijani further called on Muslim countries to take the necessary measures and back the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people.

PA and UN perceptions of Friday’s riot


The balance of the Palestinian demonstration that took place on Friday along the Israeli-Gaza border is at least 16 Palestinians killed and hundreds injured, the Palestinian envoy to the UN spoke of over 1400 people, by Israeli security forces as they tried to face tens of thousands of Palestinians gathered along the 65 km fenced border. According to army estimates, 30,000 took part in the event, but the conditions for its peaceful development with the passing of the day were not followed, in fact, hundreds of young Palestinians ignored the calls of the organizers and the Israeli army to stay far from the border, where Israel soldiers across the border watched that people did not try to damage the security fence. The militias reported that blows were fired only on those who tried to sabotage the infrastructure, while Palestinian officials said Israeli forces used firearms against demonstrators, as well as tear gas, also launched with a drone, and rubber bullets.

The United Nations Security Council was informed of the violence in Gaza at the request of Kuwait; the Secretary General Antonio Guterres called for an independent and transparent investigation and asked “those concerned to refrain from any action that could lead to further victims and in particular any measure that could put civilians in danger”. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said in a statement that Israel was responsible for the violence and declared a national day of mourning on Saturday. The United States declared itself “deeply saddened” by what happened, inviting all those involved to take steps to reduce tensions and reduce the risk of new confrontations.


Iran condemns Israeli killing of Palestinians in Gaza Strip


Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman strongly condemned the recent Israeli actions against Palestinian people. “Although Israel has a long record in occupation, killing and committing crimes, Mr. Trump and the US ruling elites’ unwavering support as well as shameful efforts by some regional leaders in order to establish overt, covert, disgraceful and ignominious relations with Israel have unfortunately further emboldened Zionist regime leaders to turn Palestinian youth’s peaceful rally into a bloodbath on the Eve of Passover,” said the spokesman.

Germany denies deal to give Israel UN council seat


Germany has rejected accusations that it has violated a presumed 10-year agreement that provides for Israel to stand as candidates without a disagreement in obtaining a seat at the UN Security Council. The agreement referred to was signed when the Jewish state joined the regional group of Western Europe and others (WEOG) at the UN, and it included a promise not to oppose Israel if it applied for one of the non-permanent posts reserved for the regional group, but Germany denies that this commitment has been made. Israel, Germany and Belgium are competing for the two seats reserved for the regional group in the General Assembly elections to be held on 8 June. Overall, five seats are up for grabs for a period of two years, but three are reserved for Africa, Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region.

To win the election to the council, the candidate countries must obtain a two-thirds majority in the assembly of the 193 nations. While on the one hand Germany has been actively working for its sixth election for years, Israel has been working behind the scenes for over a year, but according to a recent report it seems to have decided to abandon the attempt because it failed to muster the necessary majority. Israel is one of the 66 nations of the world that have never had a seat on the body; beating Germany and Belgium for the coveted position would be an important result for Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, whose goal is to erode the great automatic majority that makes the Council unbalance against Israel.

Palestinian Authority Applies for Entry Into Eight International Treaties at UN


Last week, the Palestinian Authority presented official requests to join eight international treaties, including the UN International Convention against Apartheid in Sport and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon said that the Palestinian Authority’s latest attempt to raise its status within the international community and de-legitimize Israel is part of the Palestinian violations of the obligations under the Oslo peace accords of 1993 with Israel. Membership in organizations such as these would provide the Palestinians with new opportunities to challenge Israel’s legitimacy and discredit the Jewish state on global spaces.

In April 2014, the PA requested accession to 15 international treaties and the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon accepted the entry of the Palestinians into 10 of the treaties as non-state members. Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, after the official recognition of President Donald Trump of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, has promised to request entry into 22 international treaties, including 18 of the UN. The Palestinians have announced on several occasions that they have abandoned US-led peace negotiations, while attempting to obtain full UN membership, call for further Security Council resolutions (UNSC) and prosecute Israel to the Criminal International Tribunal (ICC).

Taylor Force Act signed into law as part of massive spending bill


The PLO has criticized Congress for the approval of the Taylor Force Act, a law that threatens to freeze State Department funds from the Palestinian Authority, unless it ceases to compensate terrorists and families of terrorists convicted in the courts Israeli. However, the law makes it possible to keep aid for the AP assigned to security cooperation and some humanitarian aid.

The PLO envoy to Washington, Husam Zomlot, argued that the US move is motivated by political interests and seriously harms the prospects for peace in the Middle East. According to Zomlot, the bill punishes the Palestinian Authority, which is the only agency committed to peace and nonviolence, and undermines the American-Palestinian bilateral relationship.

Pro-Israel groups demonstrate outside of French consulate in Jerusalem


Dozens of protesters gathered outside the French consulate in Jerusalem to protest what they called France’s support for subversive activities against Israel. The demonstration, organized by the organizations Im Tirtzu and Israel Is Forever, was held following the accusation of two agents of the French Consulate accused of smuggling dozens of weapons from the Gaza Strip to Judea and Samaria. In addition, the participants called for the consulate to stop funding “anti-Israeli” radical NGOs working against Israel and accusing the IDF of war crimes. In recent years, the French consulate has channeled over 750,000 shekels ($ 215,000) to far-left Israeli NGOs, including “Breaking the Silence”, “B’Tselem” and “Yesh Din”.

Lebanese oil a deterrent for Israeli hostility


The chances of an Israeli aggression against Lebanon have become minimal due to internal political confusion in Israel, but also because of its willingness to protect the oil-digging platforms adjacent to Lebanon from any possible attack. One of the Western ambassadors said that the possibilities of Israeli military aggression are very weak, so Lebanon should not be afraid. Since Israel began excavating oil from fields adjacent to Lebanon, the oil weapon that has become a deterrent. In fact, a $ 10,000 Katyusha rocket, possibly owned by Hezbollah, could destroy $ 200 million worth of oil rigs.

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