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In Calais, Macron defends its migration policy of “authority” and “humanity”


Firmness and humanity. In his speech in Calais, Emmanuel Macron wanted to reaffirm the two principles that guide his immigration policy. In front of security forces, the head of state reiterated his commitment to fight illegal immigration. “By no means,” he promised, the state “will allow a jungle in Calais, where a vast slum of more than 8,000 migrants was dismantled in October 2016.” Everything is done to ensure that the illegal passage is not possible in Calais “, which” is not a backdoor to England,” he said, assuring that the state would not allow “to build illegal pathways in this region.”
Macron reminded to all associations responsibility in their action with migrants. “Those who encourage these women and men to stay, to settle illegally or even to go to Great Britain, take on immense responsibility and never will they have the state by their side “, he said. He also announced that the state will take care of the distribution of food to migrants, until then provided by the associations.
But Emmanuel Macron called also the police to be “exemplary” with migrants, not carrying out any violence or confiscation of their belongings.

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