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Albanian Foreign Minister, “Together Towards European Union”


The Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs and the EU Delegation to Albania held the Conference “Together Towards European Union: Recognizing Past Experience and Creating Partnerships for the Future”. The conference was conceived in two panels: “Recognizing past experience” and “Creating partnerships for the future”. In his speech, Minister Bushati underlined that for Albania, the European project is essentially a union project within itself. According to him, the European project is the project that the overwhelming majority of Albanians see as a project of peace, security and prosperity, but above all, they see it as a project of democratic governance for them. For the head of Albanian diplomacy, the European project coincides not only with the modernization and transformation of our society but also with the consolidation of our European identity as a nation

Albanian Minister Bushati :“High expectations for 2018. Albania’s next step in the EU Integration Process”


The Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, Ditmir Bushati participated at the conference, organized in Brussels by the German Foundation Hanns Seidel, “High expectations for 2018. Albania’s next step in the European Integration Process”. The Minister underlined the progress made by the government to reach the established priorities, referring in particular to the justice system reform and the fight against organized crime. Thus 2018 is expected to be a ‘decisive year’ for the European Union accession process. In reiterating the government’s willingness to achieve the required objectives, Bushati said he also felt encouraged by the support regarding the enlargement to the Balkans expressed both by the President of the European Commission and by the French President Macron. The Director-General for Enlargement at the European Commission, Mr. Christian Danielson, complimented the Albanian government on the effort of reforms.

Albinia- Kosovo Govt meeting in Korca


The first vice prime minister and foreign minister of Kosovo Piccoli paid his first visit to Tirana home Thursday after his appointment in this office and was received in a meeting by this counterpart Ditmir Bushati considering Pacolli’s a clear signal decision of close political and fraternal cooperation between the two governments. The two officials discuss it the need to rationalize forces, human resources in diplomatic and consular representation. First Minister Bushati reconfirmed Albinia’s support to hold the processes that Kosovo is passing through and especially in advancing recognition of memberships in the international forums, cooperation with the NATO and European Union.

Economic Development Prevents Spread of Extremist Ideology


During the meeting of the Ministers of Foriegn Affairs of the EU was in Estonia in which the themes of the meeting were: the joint secuirty challenges, the prevention and fight against the radicalism and violent extremism in Europe. The Albanian Foreign Affairs Minister Bushati underlined how economic development and job opportunities for young people are important to prevent the spread of extremist ideology. He also informed that Albania’s maeasures and achievements in the fight against violent extremism and expressed the continued support with EU policy security challenges.

France May Restore Visas Regime with Albania


After the Netherlands, France may also restore the visa regime with Albania due to the high number of asylum applications. According to the French authorities, Albania is ranked first in terms of the number of asylum applications.  The Albanian Foreign Affairs minister Bushati presented a measures plan addressed to prevent with this phenomenon. On other hand a visit from French Foreign Affairs  Gerrad Collomb in Albania is expected shortly for an evalution of the results achieved through theese meausres.

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