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Montenegro: Police intensifies patrol near border due to increase in the number of migrants


Due to the increasing presence of migrants in the area, police has intensified patrols in villages that gravitate towards the state border between Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina. However, police forces did not confirm the number of migrants residing in the territory of Pljevlja municipality, nor how many of them managed to cross the border with Bosnia-Herzegovina. When migrants enter the country they are not punished for illegal entry but are directed to submit the requests to the competent Ministry of Interior and accommodated in the competent centers where they can stay until the end procedure. However, many of them do not wait forC the asylum procedure to be terminated but try to illegally leave the territory of Montenegro via Bosnia or, seldom, through Croatia. Migrants enter the abandoned houses of the villages they cross to find refuge.

The Police Administration affirmed that four such cases were reported to them. Indeed, The Pljevlja Security Center has so far registered four citizens’ reports concerning breakouts in four family houses, in which no one lives in the winter. Police also claimed that since August 2017, there has been a slight increase in the number of illegal migrants from the neighboring Republic of Albania. Illegal migration in Montenegro is mainly of an individual and transitory character, mainly for economic reasons. The majority of migrants registered come from Algeria, Syria, Morocco, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Iraq, as well as citizens of neighboring countries such as Albania, Kosovo, and Serbia.

Horizontal Facility program crucial to bring Bosnia closer to the EU


The Joint Program of the European Union (EU) and the Council of Europe “Horizontal Facility for the Western Balkans and Turkey” is of great importance for Bosnia and Herzegovina because it is approaching the EU and helps it meet EU standards, especially in the field of the rule of law and the fight against discrimination. The total budget of the program is 25 million euros, of which the EU has provided 20 million and the Council of Europe five million.

This program implemented in BiH has four projects: two projects initiated last year, “Human Rights Program for detainees and prisoners” and “Capacity building program for the ombudsman institution for the fight against discrimination”, and two introduced this year, namely “Quality Education in Multiethnic Societies” and “Program for the Rights of National Minorities”. The Horizontal Facility program has been crucial for the implementation of reforms that are in line with the Council of Europe monitoring and EU standards monitoring bodies, and to be implemented in areas that treat prisons, police and the fight against discrimination in BiH.

Migrants from Montenegro to Bosnia, Interior Minister requested a meeting

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Interior Minister of the Bosnian-Podrinje Canton (BPK), Nijaz Mušić, requested a meeting with State Minister of Security Dragan Mektić due to a sudden increase in the number of migrants coming to the territory of Goražde from neighboring Montenegro. In the past 12 days, BPK has recorded 86 cases of migrants from the Middle East, Syria, Pakistan, Algeria, and Libya. BPK Interior Minister Mušić stated that Goražde does not have the material and technical capacities, nor the legal basis for hosting the immigrants.

The Goražde community provides rooms, certain quantities of food and hygiene products for the first aid. Police officers give their clothes or money for food. Several times the BPK has organized fundraising campaigns in order to pay a ticket to Sarajevo for the refugees.

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