A Threat that Should Be Responded: Putin Intends to Send His Agents to EU Countries

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The Kremlin is creating an network of his «supporters» among thenational diasporas of various countries. It used freedom of speech in European countries, holding and promoting pro-Russian rallies, which are, in fact, provocations and the threat of mass riots. Now, Putin is trying to flood the EU with mercenaries from the PMC. They are trained killers and terrorists. Migration control over the RF’s citizens trying to enter the EU (even from third countries) should be strengthened. Even if it is necessary to cancel the granting of Schengen visas to Russians. This is the key to maintain peace and stability in Europe. After all, terrorists and mercenaries enter the EU under the guise of Russian migrants and political refugees. They will perform the Kremlin’s task of destabilizing Europe there.

Against the background of military failures of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, mercenaries of Russian private military companies (PMCs) are involved in subversive activities in European countries. Both, the latest statements of the owner of Wagner PMC, Yevgeny Prigozhin, regarding the difficult situation at the front, and the information on the suspension of the recruitment of mercenaries to be sent to Africa are proof of that.

At the same time, PMC Wagner has already withdrawn some fighters from African countries. At least 5,000 Russian mercenaries were in countries such as Mali, the Central African Republic, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo by March 2023. Now their number has decreased by 10 %. Most of the 500 Russian mercenaries who left Africa settled in European countries, where they are preparing to carry out the criminal instructions of the Russian authorities to destabilize the domestic political situation in European countries. A significant part of such mercenaries is concentrated in Serbia, Kosovo, and Estonia.

As for now, top priority of the Russian PMCs is destabilization of the situation in the EU countries, since the situation in Ukraine is such that after some time the mercenaries will be completely destroyed by the Ukrainian army. That is why it is no longer profitable for Prigozhin to keep them in the Donbas, because his “personal army” is gradually disappearing. But in the case of their transfer to the EU, well-trained killers will be able to quickly fulfill the tasks set before them: terrorist attacks, violence, socio-political chaos. It is not a full list of their “merits”.

On the other hand, in order to get as close as possible to the borders with the EU, the Convoy PMC was created on the basis of the Wagner PMC in Crimea. Officially, it was allegedly created by the head of the occupying “administration” of Crimea, SergeyAksyonov. Kostyantyn Pikalov, who is the curator of the Wagner PMC in Africa, has been appointed as the commander. It meansthat Putin is not going to stop in Ukraine. He has repeatedly announced his goal to revive the Soviet Union, and thus the Russian sphere of influence in Europe, the geographical boundaries of which coincide with the countries of the former social camp, which ceased to exist the same year of 1991. That is why Russian PMCs are entrusted with the important task of destabilizing the domestic political situation in any European country.

According to French President Emmanuel Macron, Russian PMCs are busy “insuring the lives of political regimes and putschists.” According to Italian intelligence, the increased activity of Russian PMCs can destabilize North and West Africa, provoking an increase in migrant flows to the European Union. It is important that provoking a “tsunami of refugees” is a priority for Putin, because it will cause a shock effect for Europe. It is no secret that Russian mercenaries continue to be in the Central African Republic, mercilessly destroy the civilian population in Syria and are ready at any moment to secretly come to the European country at the first demand of the Russian president. They are well-trained, they know how to carry out assassinations and terrorist attacks, so they pose a serious threat to individual political figures in the EU, and can provoke socio-political unrest and anti-government uprisings.

The founder of the Wagner PMC, Yevgeny Prigozhin, previously stated that more than five thousand recruited prisoners returned to Russia from Ukraine. They were all pardoned in accordance with the promised amnesty, he said. It is quite likely that these persons will not be able to stay in Russia for a long time without work. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare them for a “combat mission”to any European country as a reinforcement of already existing cells of Russian militants. It is very important for the Russian leadership to use mercenaries with experience in combat operations to commit terrorist attacks and fuel protest sentiments among right-wing and left-wing political movements in the EU countries. Putin is preparing an army of “professional killers” for Europe: some of them have already settled in Italy, Poland, and the Baltic states. The rest are waiting for a quick transfer to Europe.

An extensive network of Kremlin’s “agents of influence”, Russian sympathizers, mercenaries, and militants under the guise ofordinary Europeans poses an unprecedented threat that is already in Europe. The more obviously the Russian army is depleted, the stronger will be Russia’s hybrid aggression, which will manifest itself in Europe. For years, Putin introduced “Trojan horses” into the EU countries. But now, in addition to pro-Russian politicians and businessmen, professional mercenaries and mobilized criminals, who received amnesty for the serious crimes they committed, were added. They will appear on the streets of European cities. In order to prevent a tragedy, absolute migration control must be established: strict checks of everyone coming from Russia or seeking refugee status in Europe. Even if we have to completely close the borders with the Russian Federation. It is essential for the West.

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