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Algeria ranked 172nd in the index of economic freedom


As in 2017, Algeria ranked 172nd in the index of economic freedom established by the American Institute “Heritage Institute” for the year 2018. Thus according to this ranking, Algeria has obtained low marks in the various economic and political indicators on which the 186 countries included in the report were evaluated.The document from the American Institute gave Algeria a score of 44.7 points out of a total of 100 in the index of economic freedom, and even though Algeria has kept the same place in this ranking as the year last, it is ranked 14th and last in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, and saw its score fall by 1.8 points because of “a decline in property rights and freedom of investment.The report noted that “the Algerian economy remains dominated by the state, a legacy of the post-independence socialist development model of the country”. He also noted that “in recent years, the government has made little progress in improving fiscal governance, ending privatization of state-owned industries, and limiting imports and foreign engagement in its economy.Heritage Institute establish this ranking on the index of economic freedoms, based on four main indicators subdivided into several sub-indices: the rule of law (property rights, government integrity, judicial efficiency), the size the government (government spending, tax burden, tax health), regulatory efficiency (freedom of business, freedom of work, monetary freedom), market openness (freedom of trade, freedom of investment, financial freedom).

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