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Youths Day: Basha calls on youths to stand up


During a speech organized in the framework of Students’ Protest 27th anniversary, the Democrat leader Lulzim Basha called on youths to stand up and change the country. On the same line of the former Prime Minister Sali Berisha (historic leader of Democratic Party), who addressed to the youth to bring down the actual government, Basha addressed to young people to not leave the fate of the country in Rama’s government hands. ‘ You have thousands and one reason to stand up and put an end to this governance largely implicated in several illicit activities’ declared Berisha, while Basha highlight that even if 27 years have passed since the end of communism, political freedom is still limited. ‘Instead of talking about modern politics and new business in Albania we are still talking about parliament’s cleansing by the incriminated individuals’, stressed Basha, adding that Democratic Party will support the cause for a better future.

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