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Macron’s tag: France is sceptical, but he has the upper hand


Adrien Taquet, an advertising executive who entered parliament as one of Macron’s novice MPs, and one of the most closest member of the group of Macron from the beginning, has spoken about Macron after six months of Presidence. He has stressed the importance of the reforms that Macron is carrying on with his executive. Among them the most important concerns three legislative changes: “a law to clean up politics including banning MPs from hiring family members, flagship reforms to loosen France’s complex labour code, making it easier to hire and fire […] and controversial anti-terror legislation that allowed Macron to end France’s two-year state of emergency by writing hardline special policing powers into law”. He’s trying now to find a solution to challenge the name that has be given by the opposition to Macron, as the president of the rich.

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