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North Korea, Paris: EU missiles target. Putin against sanctions


Mrs Florance Parly, France Defense Minister, stated that Nord Korean missiles could reach Europe earlier than expected. President Trump tweeted that he’s allowing Japan and South Korea to buy highly sophisticated military equipment from USA. Meanwhile it seems that an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) is being placed on the west coast in North Korea. Seul’s intelligence, pin down as a possible date for new North Korean’s nuclear test the 9th of September Foundation’s anniversary, or the 10th of October, Worker’s Party of Korea’s birth date. UN security Council evaluate the possibility to apply new sanctions. Mrs. Nikki Haley, US ambassador for UN, said: “We have to adopt the strongest possible measures” and added: “his action show’s begging for war”. Even Angela Merkel stated that North Korean’s action are a clear violation of the convention and that stronger sanctions are necessary, and that there’s only a solution to this conflict and that solution must be a diplomatic one.

EU Minister Çelik set for talks, Merkel wants end to accession bid


Turkey’s EU Minister Ömer Çelik will hold talks with the foreign ministers of EU countries at an informal meeting this week, following the harsh debate between Ankara and Berlin after the detainment in Turkey of the two German citizens. “Turkey is moving away from the path of the rule of law at a very fast speed,” Merkel said the last day. Turkey responded that she should not “use Turkey and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan as election campaign material.”This lead to the EU’s term president, Estonia, hosting a Gymnich meeting on Sept. 7 and 8 in Talinn, at which EU foreign ministers will discuss a wide range of issues in an informal environment.

Serbian PM meets with US State Department official


PM Ana Brnabic on Tuesday met on the margins of the Bled Strategic Forum with US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Europe and Eurasia Brian Hoyt Yee. The Serbian government announced this on its website – adding, while quoting Brnabic – that “one of Serbia’s foreign policy priorities is a continuation of the positive dynamics of relations with the United States of America”. They also “discussed the European path of Serbia and agreed that the European integration of the entire region is a key element of regional stability and development”. Brnabic said that EU membership is a foreign policy priority for Serbia, that our country will remain a reliable and credible EU partner, but that it is very important that all EU institutions have a constructive approach and that they are open and ready to admit new members. They also “spoke about the improvement of economic cooperation and agreed that there is room for its intensification, first and foremost in the fields of energy and mining”

Why Serbia must recognize Kosovo’s independence


According to David L. Phillips, director of the Program on Peace-building and Rights at Columbia University’s Institute for the Study of Human Rights. Brussels insists on normalizing relations with Kosovo before it can enter the European Union (EU). So far, 114 nations have recognized Kosovo’s independence. However, Serbia fights Kosovo’s efforts to gain greater recognition globally. It also supports private parallel structures in northern Kosovo, which undermine Kosovo’s sovereignty and foment disorder among Kosovo Serbs. The Kosovo-Serbia conflict can be resolved through more effective international mediation. Diplomacy works best when Europe and the United States work together.

Terrorism: EU, more dead due to lack of information exchange


The EU commissioner for Migration, Home affairs and Citizenship Dimitris Avramopoulos during an audition at the LIBE Committee declared: “with no doubt a more rapid and efficient exchange of informations could have saved some lives”. Mr Avramopoulos asked for a more trustful cooperation between all the countries, and asked to the MEP to move forward on the project Eu-Lisa, an European Agency for the management of IAs. He also demanded to focus on the work of the interoperability of infos systems, that could give the possibility to look at informations of more database in a more easy way.

North Korea: Mogherini, on top of EU foreign policy agenda


The High Representative of EU said that the situation in the Korean Peninsula will be a priority for the informally Foraign Affairs Council that will take place in Tallin on Thursday. Mrs. Mogherini had an important meeting with the leaders of Aiea and CTBTO to discuss about how the EU and the international organizations can cooperate to enforce the nuclear non-proliferation agenda. Even Donald Tusk said that the H-Bomb test led by DPRK, force the international community to stand together for a strong reaction and asked to the UN Security Council to adopt further sanctions to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula.

Aid group calls on Libya to end detention of refugees


Doctors Without Borders, known by the French acronym MSF, said in a statement Friday that medical conditions in detention centers in Tripoli, where the United Nations-backed government is based, are either caused or aggravated by ‘squalid detention conditions and ill treatment. The European Union earmarked tens of millions of euros to improve conditions for migrants inside Libyan detention centers. But the group says international funding to Libya is not the solution.

Brexit consequences raise doubts over future defense industrial collaboration

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According to a report from Ares, a network of European think tanks, brexit could put pressure on missile-maker MBDA. British companies will no longer benefit from Community credits outside the EU, and this could have a negative effect on the company’s integration process. This issue is particularly acute with regards to MBDA because this European consortium of missile maker is going to have problem with his Britain unit, which since 2006 have seen highly cooperations between France and Britain. The report underline this strong cross-English Channel in MBDA, pointing out that London and Paris ratified the One Complex Weapons strategy in 2016 even after the U.K. referendum returned a vote in favore of leaving the EU. This project is a convincing model of industrial consolidation in the field of European armament, and so it’s no one’s interest to rule out future cooperation. The U.K. also pursues bilateral cooperations with other EU states, including Germany, Italy and Sweden, the report said, and so those companies that have many activities based in Britain will encounter similar problem. “We are leaving the EU but we are not turning our backs on Europe” said British Prime Minister Theresa May, the report noted, and this gives hope for future collaborations in this field.

Bulgaria Sets Priority on EU Membership for All Western Balkan Countries

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Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva Saturday said that one of Bulgaria’s key foreign policy priorities is to see all countries of the Western Balkans join the EU when they are ready because the region is not stable yet. Zaharieva is in Varna for the 10th Summer University of GERB’s Youth organization. Her recent visit to Montenegro gave her grounds to believe that Bulgaria and Montenegro can set a good example to the Balkans. The Foreign Minister said she was glad the Balkans are one of the key priorities of the European External Action Service. Zaharieva also said there is no way only a certain group of countries can bear the brunt of the migrant crisis. “We should not close our eyes to the fact that those are not refugees but illegal immigrants. If we are to stem their flow, we should not only show solidarity with one another, we should mount a concerted effort. The situation now is worst in the Mediterranean and we should show solidarity with Italy”, she said.


Parliament Opens New Session


The five parliamentary groups read out declarations at the opening of Parliament’s new session on Friday. GERB Floor Leader Tsvetan Tsvetanov said the new session is of key importance in view of Bulgaria’s EU Council Presidency in the first half of 2018. The National Assembly will play a very important role as it will host six events. He stressed that it was on Bulgaria’s insistence that the Western Balkans became one of the priorities of the EU Presidency Trio of Estonia, Bulgaria, Austria. He stated that GERB will firmly counter any attempts to denigrate the state bodies for political purposes. “The opposition should realize that [spreading] fake news about the political opponent is not the way to win popular approval”, he said. BSP for Bulgaria Floor Leader Kornelia Ninova noted that the new session was opening on the eve of two important events: Bulgaria’s EU Council Presidency and the drafting of the national budget for 2018. She pledged her group’s support for the policies of Bulgaria’s EU Presidency because this is in the national interest. BSP for Bulgaria will propose a new Bulgarian Development Bank Bill to refocus it to SMEs. Ninova also stressed that her group sets a high priority on anti-corruption legislation. Addressing the legislature on behalf of the United Patriots Parliamentary Group, its Floor Leader Volen Siderov cited the border fence against illegal migrants and the increase of the minimum pension as examples of constructive and effective thinking with a tangible result. Siderov insisted on acknowledgment of the coalition Government’s achievements, citing the easing of administrative burden for companies. “The Presidency of the EU Council requires a new vision and a new governance formula based on fundamental consensus”, Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) Floor Leader Mustafa Karadayi said, reading a declaration on behalf of his parliamentary group. According to the MRF leader, the new parliamentary session has a serious law-making agenda, and the last stage of preparations for the Presidency of the EU Council is forthcoming. Volya calls on Parliament to focus on two essential things during the present session: improving people’s living standards and curbing corruption, Plamen Hristov MP said in a statement on behalf of the Volya Parliamentary Group.

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