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Great GDP growth in Montenegro, +4.4 percent in 2017

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Prime Minister Duško Markovic is pleased with the growth in Gross Domestic Product of 4.4 percent in 2017, estimating that the highest rate of growth in the region is an outstanding result of the Government’s economic policy. The Monthly Statistical Review (MONSTAT) released a report including official figures for economic growth in Montenegro for 2017, saying it was 4.4 percent according to preliminary data.

Prime Minister Markovic affirmed that this rate is the is the largest among the EU countries. According to him, the work brought forward by the government, the business community, and the State administration contributed to ensuring this trend. According to Markovic, this growth rate will encourage the development and standard of living of citizens in Montenegro.

Accession Program for the EU met by 75%


The government has adopted a report on the implementation of the Accession Program for the European Union (EU) for the past year, in which 75% of commitments were met. This result points to the high institutional and administrative efficiency of the state for the fulfillment of European goals. Of the total 413 obligations, as planned in the previous year, 308 and 75% respectively were fulfilled, which is an improvement compared to 2016, when the realization rate was 72%. Prime Minister Duško Markovic assessed that these changes are important because the government for the first time in this area is particularly valorizing projects related to the northern region and the less developed areas, showing a fundamental political determination.

PM Marković meets with leadership of Municipality of Rožaje


Prime Minister of Montenegro Duško Marković met today with the leadership of the Municipality of Rožaje – the Mayor Ejup Nurković and the Speaker of the Municipal Parliament Husein Kurtagić. The Prime Minister said today that one of the most important priorities of Government is to develope the Northern region. Government, as he said, wants to cooperate with local governement in order to make life standards better and improve employment and business enviroment. Municipality’s managemen gave some ideas to Prime Minister in this regard and the Mayor of Rožaje added that make industries stronger will be a great opportunity of develope for all the area. The Finance Secretary of the Municipality of Rožaje Armin Mujević was there as well.

PM Marković meets with DPM of Romania


Prime Minister of Montenegro Duško Marković and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Environment of Romania Gratiela Leocadia Gavrilescu had a meeting today and they agreed that their country have to start a new cooperation in the forthcoming phase of the European integration process of Montenegro. Prime Minister Marković thanked Romania for its support during the reachment of several goals of Montenegro, such as joining NATO, and welcomed the proposal of Deputy Prime Minister Gavrilescu that Romania contribute to our European path in the following period. He also informed romanian Deputy Prime Minister about the economical situation in its country and added that european integration its a priority for him and his country itself. Deputy Prime Minister Gavrilescu particularly highlighted the regional policy of Montenegro because it is a great achievement for the Balcan area.

PM Marković: Cooperation between Government and local community


Prime Minister of Montenegro Duško Marković met today with the leadership of the Municipality of Žabljak and he congratulated with them for the management of Žabljak on the holiday. As the matter of facts the cooperation between Government and local institutions worked and that made succesful facing new challenges. The Mayor of Žabljak Veselin Vukićević thanked the Prime Minister and the Government for helping and undersating the need of the area of new projects to face new challenges. Prime Minister Marković reiterated that the Government’s strategic commitment is directed towards the Northern Region of Montenegro.

PM Marković: To finalise Business Zone Mojkovac in 2018


The Prime Minister of Montenegro Duško Marković said today to the leadership of the Municipality of Mojkovac that the campaign to develop the area and the Northern Region has to be stronger in order to create new jobs and to offer a better life. He added that one of the priorities should be the opening of the Business Zone in Mojkovac next year and the plan is already done. Dealing with tourism, he said that it’s really important to improve the chance of the area but it is really crucial as well to protect the Tara river. Mayor of the Municipality of Mojkovac Dejan Medojević informed the Prime Minister about the progress they made in making the area better, expecially in building new roads.

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