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Wrong blood type threatens soldier’s life


The Special Inspector General For Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) in its recent report has said that many
wounded Afghan National Army (ANA) personnel lose their lives due to wrong blood type injections. According to
the report, thousands of ANA personnel have been recruited without their blood being tested or their blood type
have been typed wrongly. The report said that an advisor assisting ANA personnel at Afghan National Army
Recruiting Command told that he was aware that ANA soldiers have been killed from receiving the wrong type of
Defense Ministry spokesman DawlatWaziri said that he completely rejects this, because it is impossible to send
soldiers to their departments without determining their blood type. The report highlights that in 2017, between
January and July, at least 15,400 new personnel recruited in the ANA did not have their blood tested. The report
says the Afghan National Army Recruiting Command (ANAREC) relied on the results the new soldiers and personnel
brought from the local doctors without knowing whether the physician actually had tested the blood or no. During
the course of the review, SIGAR received information that physicians may be stamping medical forms without
collecting and testing blood samples.


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