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Dozens killed as Saudi forces pound Houthi militias


Saudi tanks and military vehicles can be seen carrying heavy weapons and targeting gatherings of the rebels after they tried to sneak toward Saudi military posts. Saudi forces killed at least 40 rebels who tried to approach Saudi borders, while others fled. Furthermore, Saudi forces destroyed strongholds in which the rebel militias holed up in addition to four-wheeled military vehicles. The Arab coalition also released a video last Thursday which showed their forces striking rebel militias off the Saudi border. Coalition drones documented the targeting of rebel strongholds in various areas near the border where the coalition’s air forces destroyed military vehicles which carried rebels in their attempts to plant land mines and advance toward the Kingdom’s borders. These strikes follow a series of failed attempts by rebels to advance toward the Saudi border. Saudi forces foiled many of these attempts, including clashes which took place in early September through which Saudi forces foiled a major attack on a military post in the Jazan area. The joint operations room detected the rebels’ locations and targeted them in Saada governorate.

Saudi forces carry out operations near Yemen border, killing 70 Houthis


Military operations carried out by Saudi forces succeeded in supporting coalition aircrafts against Houthi militias and the guards of Yemen’s former leader Ali Abdullah Saleh off the border in the past day. A military plan developed by the joint operations command of the Saudi forces, in addition to the coalition’s support, was carried out in multiple areas aimed at targeting the support of the Houthi and Saleh militias from inside Yemen toward the Yemeni provinces and districts overlooking the Saudi border. The first operation was carried out by members of the Yemeni army backed by Apache helicopters and Saudi artillery in Wadi Abdullah, located in Harad which extends from Yemen to the Saudi border, after militias attempted to penetrate the control points on the Saudi border. They failed after facing Saudi border troops who were able to kill more than 20 Houthis while others escaped. The second operation took place opposite al-Raboah border city, where Saudi forces carried out an operation on the positions of the militias, whose mission was to launch missiles toward populated areas across the border. The operation succeeded in destroying those sites and killing the militants after the advance of a Saudi infantry battalion. The third operation, the largest which lasted a whole day, was off Najran, where the Joint Operations Room spotted huge Houthi support elements and vehicles moving toward the Saudi border city. Saudi forces carried out a military plan that destroyed this support that advance.

Ben Dagher: We will not allow Iran to have a foothold in Yemen


The internationally recognized Yemeni Prime Minister Ahmed Ben Dagher vowed not to allow Iran to have a foothold in his country. This came during his meeting in Aden, with the commander of the Saudi forces in the Arab alliance, Brigadier Sultan bin Islam, and a number of officers of Saudi Arabia. Ben Dagher said that their will not allow iran to exist or to spread its culture or destructive projects in Yemen and that the Yemeni people stand supported by countries of the arab alliance. Also, said that Operation Al-Hazm Storm, led by Saudi Arabia, came at a time of divergence and changed the equation of forces. It foiled Iran’s ambition to expand and control Yemen and threaten the security and stability of the Arab world, especially neighboring countries and regional and international shipping. Finally discussed with the commander of the Saudi forces the security and military aspects of the liberation of the remaining areas under the control of the Houthi militias and deposed president Ali Abdullah Saleh.

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