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Ben Dagher: We will not allow Iran to have a foothold in Yemen


The internationally recognized Yemeni Prime Minister Ahmed Ben Dagher vowed not to allow Iran to have a foothold in his country. This came during his meeting in Aden, with the commander of the Saudi forces in the Arab alliance, Brigadier Sultan bin Islam, and a number of officers of Saudi Arabia. Ben Dagher said that their will not allow iran to exist or to spread its culture or destructive projects in Yemen and that the Yemeni people stand supported by countries of the arab alliance. Also, said that Operation Al-Hazm Storm, led by Saudi Arabia, came at a time of divergence and changed the equation of forces. It foiled Iran’s ambition to expand and control Yemen and threaten the security and stability of the Arab world, especially neighboring countries and regional and international shipping. Finally discussed with the commander of the Saudi forces the security and military aspects of the liberation of the remaining areas under the control of the Houthi militias and deposed president Ali Abdullah Saleh.

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