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Dam negotiations going on: the Ethiopian ambassador to Egypt met the Egyptian FM


The  Ethiopian ambassador to Egypt Taye Stke-Selassie Amde had a meeting with the Egyptian foreign minister  and he said that Sameh Shoukry  will meet his Ethiopian counterpart Workneh Gebeyehu in January to discuss about the deadlock of the tripartite technical committee of Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan on the possible effects of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD). This meeting confirms the Egyptian efforts to break the current deadlock  and solve the disagreements between the three states. In November the negotiations broke down, in fact Egypt approved the European consultancy firms’ report while Sudan and Ethiopia rejected it, demanding major amendments to the technical studies. He stressed that his country is concerned due to the delay in the adoption of the proposed studies, adding that it has the desire to build trust with the others, preserving the Egyptian water interests. The talks between the two minister aims to prepare the upcoming visit of  the Ethiopian prime minister Desalegn to Egypt in January.

Iranian foreign minister Says Has Prepared Appropriate Response to Trump’s Strategy


Iran presses ahead with its policies irrespective of others’ political rhetoric, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said, noting that Tehran has come up with a response apposite to a strategy the US president is expected to announce in the coming days. “Once Trump makes his comments (about Iran), which are almost clear (already), the Islamic Republic of Iran will give an appropriate response”, Zarif told reporters on Sunday, when asked about the US president’s plan to unveil his new strategy for Iran. Iran pursues its own policies in the region regardless of others’ rhetoric, he underlined. Describing Iran as the pillar of stability and fighting against terrorism and Takfirism in the region, Zarif said, “The fact is that our region has long been suffering from the United States of America’s wrong policies”.


Nepal and China fast track rail link in aftermath of Sino-Indian border row


Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi also said hoped Nepal could be a bridge between China and India. After talks with Nepalese Foreign Minister Krishna Bahadur Mahara, Wang said China and India should work hard to make sure their ties don’t derail, become confrontational or get out of control. China and India are partners and they have a opportunity for development, instead of sticking to the old mindset of perceiving each other as a rival or threat he said. Wang said China had no intention of bullying a small country, or interfere with Nepal’s internal politics. At the time,  Nepalese Foreign Minister Mahara saying that Nepal will not get dragged into the border dispute, nor be influenced by either China or India.

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