Russian destructive impact on the economy of Ukraine


Starting from the date of Ukrainian-Russian conflict it is not secret for anyone, that the Russian Federation leverages every opportunity to wage its trade and economic war against Ukraine. Russia continues to use financial pressure, energy blackmail, transit and transport blockade, ousting Ukrainian producers from traditional markets, discrediting our companies on international markets, investment penetration into Ukrainian markets via front firms. There is data that the Russian Federation has developed a “register” of Ukraine’s so-called “pressure points”, the main purpose of which is to inflict the greatest possible damage to the economy of our country. The central place in the lists is occupied by the flagships of domestic industry, Ukrainian ports and transport infrastructure, fuel and energy companies, the defense industry.

In addition, Russia is trying to disrupt Ukraine’s dialogue with international financial institutions and conducts information campaigns in EU countries about the unreliability of ukrainian energy transport system. Russian statements pay special attention to preventing the growth of foreign direct investment in Ukraine, providing international partners with distorted information about corruption risks and threats. Accordingly, ahead of the regular talks between Ukraine and the IMF, the Russian Federation (via diplomatic and other channels) conveys information to high-ranking representatives of foreign banking and business circles on the alleged misuse of credit funds as well as technical and humanitarian aid by Ukraine. Russia also resorts to spreading unreliable information about the economic decline of Ukraine due to corruption during the official contacts of Russia’s top leadership with Western leaders.

Recently the Russian Federation is trying to actively promoting the idea of an energy embargo on Ukraine through the implementation of bypass gas routes, the final stage of which should be the completion of the “Nord Stream-2” project and the shutdown of Russia’s natural gas supply routes via Ukraine.

Russia’s current regime continues to be the main external threat not only to the economy of Ukraine but to the Ukraine in general. Many european an international politics understand this and therefore they are trying to improve of a common Western policy on the use of comprehensive tools for deterring the Russian Federation.


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