Putin Uses Ballistic Missiles against Kyiv, Killing Ukrainian Children

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Putin Uses Ballistic Missiles against Kyiv, Killing Ukrainian Children

On June 1, on Children’s Day, the Russians committed another war crime: as a result of an attack with 10 Iskander ballistic missiles on Kyiv, 3 civilians who were sleeping in their homes were killed, among them a child and his mother. This latest heinous crime committed by the Russians symbolizes the terrorist nature of Putin’s Russia, which is committing genocide against Ukrainians at Putin’s behest.

The previous missile attack by the Russian Federation on Kyiv with the help of the Iskander ballistic system was carried out on May 29 – a massive daylight attack with 11 ballistic missiles was carried out in order to cause maximum casualties among Ukrainians. On June 1, Putin repeated a war crime and the Russian Aerospace Forces attacked with Iskanders at night. All 10missiles were shot down, but theirs destructive fragments damaged a high-rise building and a children’s hospital in the Desnianskyi district of Kyiv, caused civilian casualties. During May, the Russian Federation carried out an unprecedented number of missile and drone attacks, mainly subjecting the capital of Ukraine.This is another confirmation of the desire to destroy the maximum possible number of the civilian population of Ukraine, which is genocide and a war crime in the civilized world.

The ongoing shelling of Ukraine and the death of the civilian population from Russian missiles increases the need for the supply of air defense systems as a guarantee of saving human lives. Putin’s Russia is a common threat to the entire civilized world. It must be stopped by the efforts of all Western countries, which should be interested in the defeat of the Russian Federation. The supply of weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine is the only way to stop the killing of Ukrainians and return peace to Europe. The common enemy of the entire civilized world, who kills women and children, must be defeated by weapons, sanctions and isolation.

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