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Montenegro’s Democratic Front against expelling Russian diplomats


Democratic Front (DF) deputy Jovan Vučurović urges the Government of Duško Marković not to expel Russian diplomats from Montenegro, and to hold to the honor and dignity of Montenegro, which has already been obstructed several times. It is clear to Vučurović that, at this moment, the government is in great difficulty because on the one hand, as NATO members, Montenegro should expel Russian diplomats as a result of the shameful attack, while on the other hand, they are thinking of the presidential elections, aware that it is ultimately unpopular to show again the open hatred towards Russia.

The government of Duško Marković has repeatedly shown hostility towards Russia and is continuing to pursue this policy even though it is aware that it is once again humiliating Montenegro. According to Vučurović, there is no single reason why Montenegro, in this case, should follow the interests of Western countries, especially of those who are waiting to seize the opportunity to confront Russia.

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