Annual report of “Freedom House”: Algeria “is not a free country”


The ONG states that this year is the eleventh consecutive year in which the global level of freedom in the world is dropping, 37% of the world population would not be free, while 24% live in partially free states. Countries where democracy is complete would be only 39%. Algeria is one of the countries that this organization considers a “non-free country”. Freedom House, a non-governmental organization funded by the US government, includes Algeria in its list of 49 countries judged as not free in its 2018 ranking.This list includes all countries where democracy is partially or totally suppressed. Tunisia is the only country considered free in the Arab world with Morocco with a score of 35/100. According to this organization, Algeria gets a score of 6 for political freedoms and 5 for civil liberties belonging to the same category as Jordan, Venezuela or Gabon.

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