Netanyahu signed bilateral agreements with India


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Indian premier Narendra Modi met Monday in New Delhi, in what Netanyahu hailed as the beginning of a new era of friendship between the two nations. Nine bilateral agreements have been signed, including memoranda of understanding in the gas, oil, renewable energy and information security sectors. In addition, a joint industrial research and development agreement and an update of an aviation agreement have been signed, as well as agreements on health and space exploration. According to a source from the Prime Minister’s delegation, among the issues discussed between the two leaders was greater recognition of the status of Israel as a strategic partner of India and an increase in India’s trade and investment in Israel. Beyond the diplomatic officials, Netanyahu is accompanied by 130 Israeli businessmen who represent about 100 companies in the field of information security, military, water, energy, agriculture, health and food. Members of the Israeli delegation are working to save the $ 500 million Spike anti-tank missile business.

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