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The normalization of Kosovo relations must bring an advantage to both sided – Vucic speaks


Serbian President Vucic talked with Kosovo President Thaci on Thursday in Davos about bilateral dialogue. Vucic said that he “does not understand why they accepted only information exchange” in the investigation of Oliver Ivanovic’s murder. He specified that he preferred to talk about the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue, instead of Serbia-Kosovo dialogue as Thaci did. He added that “if someone thinks that they can get everything, while the other side gets nothing – I think that’s the wrong way and that will never lead to any solution”. So, if normalizing relations means only that Serbia haves to recognize Kosovo, “then thanks, goodbye” he said.

Serbia: the patriarch supports Vucic’s policies


According to Patriarch Irinej, Serbian President Vucic is fighting to preserve Kosovo and Metohija, as a response to the recent statements from an important bishop, Amfilohije, saying that Vucic is betraying Serbia and Kosovo. Irinej, the head of the Serbian Orthodox Church, also thanked God “for giving the RS a man, Milorad Dodik, who wisely guides his people and fights like a lion to preserve the RS”.

Vucic asks Putin if Moscow could be a mediator in Kosovo dialogue


“I asked if Russia could act as a mediator and the Russian president agreed”, said Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, during his meeting in Moscow with Russian Federation Council Chairwoman Valentina Matviyenko relating on his meeting with President Vladimir Putin. Vucic added, “if the (Kosovo) Albanians demand that the US become a mediator in the Kosovo talks, then we will demand that Russia join the process”. Serbian President stated to truly appreciate Russia’s support in preserving country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity considering it extremely important. He also stressed to expect Moscow’s support in the future. The same day, Belgrade news agency Beta stated that the Kremlin “did not wish to comment” on Russia’s possible mediator role. The spokesperson Dmitry Peskov, when asked about the possibility of expanding the format of the negotiations between Belgrade and Pristina, referred that the issue of Kosovo was seriously addressed during the Russian-Serbian talks. While representatives of Pristina expressed favorably on the United States getting involved in the dialogue. In fact, it is worth mentioning that dialogue was launched after the Kosovo issue was transferred from the UN to the EU in 2010, which has been acting as the facilitator ever since.

Vucic would have an important phone conversation with Vladimir Putin


Serbia will soon have ten operational MiG-29 jets and will not stop there, “as we want the citizens to feel secure”, Aleksandar Vucic said on Thursday. Vucic added he would have “an important phone conversation” with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday. “We don’t want any kind of conflict, but we want to be sure that we are able to protect, preserve and defend our country”, Vucic said, after the opening ceremony of a new noodles factory in Ruma, a town in western Serbia. The situation in the military, according to the president, is now “incomparably better than it was before”. He recalled that when he became defense minister, “there was not a single MiG-29”. Soldiers will be more satisfied, Vucic pointed out, as they will receive “a significant, very significant increase in wages”.


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