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Tillerson : Macedonia is on good track to be successful example for the region


Macedonia is on good track to be a successful example for the region, and the United States will continue to play a positive role for the stability and progress of the region and seek ways to help, the US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told Macedonian Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov at Wednesday’s meeting in Washington.Tillerson supported reform agenda in Macedonia urging the government to endure in its implementation.The last meeting of Macedonia Foreign Minister with the US Secretary of State took place in 2008, when then-Foreign Minister Antonio Milososki met with former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.Dimitrov referred to the current political situation in Macedonia and the region, and also briefed Tillerson on the developments in the process of overcoming the name dispute with Greece. Macedonia is friend and partner of the US, we are convinced that with your help, leadership and support of the European allies, we will soon become part of NATO family. Our commitment and determination is enormous and we intend to use this opportunity, Dimitrov said.Informing about the reforms in Macedonia, Dimitrov stressed that the country wants to build strong and democratic institutions, to strengthen the rule of law and make Macedonia a desirable fully fledged member of the Euro-Atlantic community.At the panel entitled “Great Risk, Great Reward: Tackling the Balkans’ Enduring Political Challenges”, which was attended by Hoyt Yee, Enver Hoxha and Astrit Istrefi, and moderated by Janusz Bugajski, Dimitrov spoke about the current situation in the Republic of Macedonia with a special accent to overcoming the name dispute between Macedonia and Greece.Dimitrov also met with regional experts Daniel Serwer, Edward Joseph, Michael Haltzel and Damon Wilson, Executive Vice President at Atlantic Council of the United States and exchanged views on the current situation and perspectives of the region.


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