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Ukraine successfully tests Vilkha missile system


“I congratulate all Ukrainians on the successful test of the Ukrainian Vilkha missile system. I’ve just received a report that all four missiles hit the target!” he wrote. As UNIAN reported earlier, on August 26, 2016, an adviser to the Minister of Defense Yuriy Biryukov said that the Ukrainian military carried out the first test launch of a new missile. In turn, military expert and director of the information and consulting company Defense Express, Serhiy Zgurets, said that these were the tests of a new missile system based on the Smerch MLRS. “The project name is Vilkha. The launches took place at the testing ground near Odesa – in a place where such tests were held for the first time,” he said. Commenting on the test launches, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleksandr Turchynov said: “Now we can say with confidence that Ukraine has a new powerful missile weapon, which will become a weighty argument for deterring the aggressor.”





Putin: “certain military, militia formations in Donbas”, talks about “massacre”


Russian President Vladimir Putin has said there is no Russian army in Donbas, but recognizes the creation of “certain military, militia” formations, according to an UNIAN correspondent “There is no Russian army on the territory of Donbas, but there have actually been established certain military, militia formations that are self-sufficient and ready to repel any large-scale military actions against Donbas,” he said at an annual press conference December 14. At the same time, Putin claims that the creation of such formations corresponds to the interests of people living in the temporarily occupied territories.

“Because if they do not have such an opportunity there, the ‘massacre’, even worse than in Srebrenica, will be carried out by the so-called nationalist battalions, and nothing will stop them, including an appeal, as I was advised by some Western colleagues, to international human rights organizations,” Putin said.

Ukraine sees industrial price hikes in Aug


The growth of prices of industrial commodities in Ukraine in August 2017 accelerated to 23.6% compared to August 2016 against 23.3% in July 2017 from July 2016, according to the State Statistics Service of Ukraine. Industrial prices in August 2017 grew by 0.4% from July 2017, it said. In January-August, prices of industrial commodities increased by 8.4%. The statistical report does not include information from Russian-occupied Crimea, Sevastopol and Donbas. As UNIAN reported, the growth of industrial prices in Ukraine in July 2017 slowed to 23.3% compared to July 2016 against 26.3% in June 2017 compared to June 2016.


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