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China says it won’t allow war or chaos on Korean peninsula after backing latest UN sanctions


China said on Tuesday it will not allow war or chaos on the Korean peninsula after it endorsed the latest UN sanctions against Pyongyang following its nuclear test last week. Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said: the resolution also reiterated the need to maintain peace and stability across the Korean peninsula and Northeast Asia. Geng said “The peninsula issue must be resolved by peacefully and the military solution has no way out”. The UN sanctions are the strongest yet against Pyongyang, and also include bans on textile exports from the North, joint ventures and technology transfers, as well as efforts to stop smuggling of prohibited products. The US was pushing for tougher sanctions – including a full oil embargo, but met resistance from Russia and China, which feared that putting too much pressure on North Korea could escalate tensions. China has already imposed sanctions on Pyongyang including banning seafood imports from North Korea, and Chinese banks reportedly put a stop to transactions by North Koreans on Tuesday.

Iran UN Envoy Condemns Violence against Myanmar Muslims


Iran’s Ambassador to the United Nations Gholam Ali Khoshroo strongly condemned the ongoing violence against Muslims in Myanmar, slamming the plight of Rohingya as an example of victimization of innocent people by extremism and intolerance. Addressing a High-Level UN Forum on the Culture of Peace, held on Thursday, Khoshroo condemned the ongoing violence against Muslim people of Myanmar and called for an immediate halt to those crimes. Amid such terrifying events in Myanmar, thousands of Muslims have been killed and hundreds of thousands of others have been force to leave their homes, he deplored. Describing the culture of peace as the essence of the UN Charter, Khoshroo bemoaned the fact that unilateralism and force in the international relations have resulted in instability, insecurity and spread of terrorism and extremism in the world.

What Russian “peacekeepers” want


The National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) of Ukraine in February 2015 approved an appeal to the UN and the European Union regarding the deployment of a peacekeeping mission in Ukraine. “The issue was considered and a decision was made to appeal to the UN and the EU regarding the deployment of peacekeeping and security missions in Ukraine,” NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov told journalists at the time. It was noted that the peacekeepers should be deployed both along the line of contact in Donbas and along the uncontrolled section of the Russian-Ukrainian border. The reason for the decision was another escalation in Donbas. But Moscow’s reaction was unequivocal: Minsk accords do not presuppose any peacekeepers – exclamation mark.

North Korea, Paris: EU missiles target. Putin against sanctions


Mrs Florance Parly, France Defense Minister, stated that Nord Korean missiles could reach Europe earlier than expected. President Trump tweeted that he’s allowing Japan and South Korea to buy highly sophisticated military equipment from USA. Meanwhile it seems that an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) is being placed on the west coast in North Korea. Seul’s intelligence, pin down as a possible date for new North Korean’s nuclear test the 9th of September Foundation’s anniversary, or the 10th of October, Worker’s Party of Korea’s birth date. UN security Council evaluate the possibility to apply new sanctions. Mrs. Nikki Haley, US ambassador for UN, said: “We have to adopt the strongest possible measures” and added: “his action show’s begging for war”. Even Angela Merkel stated that North Korean’s action are a clear violation of the convention and that stronger sanctions are necessary, and that there’s only a solution to this conflict and that solution must be a diplomatic one.

North Korea: Mogherini, on top of EU foreign policy agenda


The High Representative of EU said that the situation in the Korean Peninsula will be a priority for the informally Foraign Affairs Council that will take place in Tallin on Thursday. Mrs. Mogherini had an important meeting with the leaders of Aiea and CTBTO to discuss about how the EU and the international organizations can cooperate to enforce the nuclear non-proliferation agenda. Even Donald Tusk said that the H-Bomb test led by DPRK, force the international community to stand together for a strong reaction and asked to the UN Security Council to adopt further sanctions to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula.

Aid group calls on Libya to end detention of refugees


Doctors Without Borders, known by the French acronym MSF, said in a statement Friday that medical conditions in detention centers in Tripoli, where the United Nations-backed government is based, are either caused or aggravated by ‘squalid detention conditions and ill treatment. The European Union earmarked tens of millions of euros to improve conditions for migrants inside Libyan detention centers. But the group says international funding to Libya is not the solution.

World’s silence on Myanmar violence against Rohingyas ‘a portrait of shame’: presidential aide

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Erdogan calls on the international community to look at what is happening in Myanmar and to intervene in order to stop this humanitarian crisis. He asks the UN to change its attitude towards Muslim countries.



U.N. casualty figures show conflict in Iraq killed 125 civilians in August

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Conflict in Iraq during the month of August caused the deaths of 125 civilians and injured another 188, the United Nations reported.


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