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Bombings shot by the Houthi’s militia in Taiz, hit children and villages


According to medical sources in Taiz, southwestern Yemen, ten people including children, were wounded by bombings shot by the Houthi and Saleh’s militia, targeting the villages west of the city. The sources pointed out that among the injured were four children, some are seriously wounded, as a result of bombing residential villages in Al-Asharouh and Beni Bakari, Azlet Elyaman and Kuweyha located in the western area of Jabal Habashi, west of the city of Taiz. In the same district, the coup militias forced 65 families from the lower Al Quoz village to leave their homes by force at gunpoint. Families of forcibly displaced persons reported that Houthi militias had spread mines in the village to force the residents out. The Center for Human Rights in Taiz (non-governmental) condemned the systematic forced displacement of the Houthi and Saleh’s militias against the besieged Yemeni people. It also condemned the act of implanting thousands of mines in the roads used by unarmed citizens in these villages describing the act as an atrocious war crime.

Yemen government has reopened the local branch of the Central Bank in Taiz


Yemen’s internationally recognized government has reopened the local branch of the Central Bank in the southwestern city of Taiz for the first time since war broke out in early 2015. The website said that the bank’s reopening gave hope to “thousands” of government employees and residents in the city that they would receive salaries that had not been paid since late 2016. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Civil Service Abdul Aziz Jabari, who attended the ceremony as part of a government delegation, described the reopening as “the most important step” in returning government control over financial and other institutions in the city.




Heavy rains trigger deadly floods in Yemen

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15 people have died in Yemen after heavy rains triggered flash flooding, hitting cars and wrecking homes. Torrential rains destroyed several homes in Jibla with five people confirmed dead and several others still unaccounted. Rains flooded a vital road linking the city of Taiz with al-Maqatira district. Aid agencies have only been able to deliver food and medical supplies to Taiz via small side roads after Houthi fighters laid siege to the city of more than 200,000 people. Futhermore Large parts of Yemen are destroyed after a Saudi-led coalition of Arab countries launched a military campaign against Houthi rebels in march 2015.

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