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Rouhani, “Syria has no military solution and should be resolved politically”


No country has the right to decide on the future of Syria that belongs to the Syrian people, Rouhani told reporters in Ankara on Wednesday after a trilateral meeting of the presidents of Iran, Russia and Turkey. Maintaining Syria’s territorial integrity, national sovereignty and unity and independence should be appreciated by everyone as a major demand of the Syrian people, he added. “In view of the Islamic Republic of Iran, … Syria (crisis) has no military solution and should be resolved politically. We should all help to bring the war to an end.”

Rouhani went on to say that it would be a great celebration day for the region when the war in Syria ends, terrorists leave the region, Syrian refugees return home and the Syrian people can determine their fate and future in a free election. The Iranian president further hailed the efforts made by Iran, Russia and Turkey on the path of fighting terrorism and establishing ceasefires in Syria, including through the Astana peace talks and the trilateral summits in Sochi and Ankara.

$2.68 billion in humanitarian assistance


The Lebanese government plans to receive $ 2.68 billion in humanitarian assistance and investment in the country’s infrastructure and public services as part of the Lebanese Crisis Response Plan (LCRP). The LCRP 2018 package was announced on Thursday and funds will be used to provide humanitarian assistance to Syrian refugees, who are around 1.9 million, to Lebanese refugees and vulnerable Palestinians, as well as to invest in Lebanon’s infrastructure, public services and local economy. Over 123 national and international partners have pledged financial support to avoid a sharp deterioration of the country’s humanitarian conditions and infrastructure and, following the renewal of the commitment, the United Nations Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator, Philippe Lazzarini, said that preserving the stability of the Lebanon means maintaining tolerance, diversity and stability in the region.

Lebanon: most Syrian refugees in Lebanon want to go back when the security there improves: Red Cross


The Head of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Lebanon, Christophe Martin said Monday that 80 percent of Syrian refugees in Lebanon would like to return home once the security situation has improved, emphasizing that support for refugees in their any return to Syria will be discussed with senior Lebanese officials and with relevant international bodies and nations. In fact, in a positive way, he stated that the return of refugees to Syria would benefit the pacification and resolution of the Syrian crisis. The United Nations Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) published last month that the number of Syrian refugees registered in Lebanon fell below one million for the first time since 2014, reaching 997.905, but according to Lebanese officials the number of refugees not registered in Lebanon is more than one million, which makes the actual number of refugees in Lebanon about 2 million.

Turkey, EU join forces for education of Syrian children


A new project introduced by Turkish and European Union officials focuses on educating the so-called lost generation of Syrian refugees forced to skip their education as they are displaced by the ongoing war in their country. Under the project, Turkey plans to integrate thousands of children from among the more than 3 million Syrian refugees in the country in the Turkish education system. The European Union pledged 650 million euros for their education. Turkey already provides education to 570,000 Syrian children and strives to have more enrolled in schools. Some 390,000 children will be taught Turkish as part of the project, which employs 5,496 teachers. Children will also be enrolled in Arabic classes and extra courses to recuperate for school terms they missed when they were forced to leave their country. Despite ongoing efforts, some 41 percent of Syrian refugee children of school age in Turkey remain out of school due to various factors.

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