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Progress of Montenegro praised by NATO


NATO Director of Defense Planning Paul Savereux has praised Montenegro for the progress it has made in contributing to the achievement of the common goals established for collective security. The Director for Montenegrin Defense Policy, Ivica Ivanović, has reiterated how Montenegro’s membership works as an incentive for other states in the region to carry out the necessary reforms in the path of integration within NATO Alliance.

Systemic solution against abuse of security services


 A public debate on the Government’s reforms in the security system, including the Administration for Security and Counterintelligence (UBK) and the Law on Interception of Electronic Communications, is to open in less than a month. The objective is to offer a solution that guarantees no abuses in the system, the Government said on Thursday. According to Government Spokesman Mile Bosnjakovski , the Government’s motion to halt the Constitutional Court procedure over assessment of the constitutionality of Article 175 of the Law on Electronic Communications aims at avoiding partial solutions until a specific systemic solution is available, one ensuring that abuses of the system would not occur.Therefore, the Government believes that the Law on Interception of Communications in general can be subject of assessment regarding its constitutionality, but not Article 175 as a separate provision. The Government is committed to the reforms in UBK and the Law on Interception of Electronic Communications, which are in the final stages.

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