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Saudi official statement after Aden clashes


The Saudi Cabinet has welcomed statements from the Arab Coalition Supporting Legitimacy in Yemen calling for restraint and to open a dialogue over the developments in the temporary capital of Yemen in Aden. Chaired by King Salman, the Cabinet also praised the coalition’s call on the Yemenis to work jointly with the coalition to complete liberation of Yemeni lands from the Iranian-backed Houthi militias and to avoid partition, discord and the undermining of state institutions in the conflict. The Cabinet further welcomed the coalition’s demand to all Yemeni parties to stop fighting immediately and to focus on the key objectives, notably restoration of legitimacy, security and stability, and to resolve all issues through available political mechanisms.

Yemen: last reports from war


As lasted reported by a military official, on Thursday the Houthi army and popular forces  foiled two attempts of US-backed Saudi-paid mercenaries to infiltrate into army sites in Taiz province. The mercenaries was inflicted heavy casualties in Dhubab, Bir-Basha, and Osaifra fronts during their infiltration attempts. Furthermore, three civilians were killed and two others injured when the US-backed Saudi-led aggression airstrike hit their car in Jawf province. On Wednesday, President of the Supreme Political Council Saleh al-Sammad met with sheikhs and notables from Sanhan tribe of Sanaa province. In the meeting, the President and Sanhan’s sheikhs discussed the developments at the national arena in light of the US-Saudi-led coalition’s war on the country and its plots that aimed to undermine Yemen’s security and stability. Mr. President praised the sheikhs and sons of the district for their solidarity and popular cohesion in resisting the foreign invaders.

Russia: shared satisfaction for the oil market revenues


Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak met his Saudi counterpart Khalid Al-Falih in Oman on Saturday, where they both expressed satisfaction with the way oil market has been rebalancing, the Russian energy ministry said. “The market sees the efforts are successful and reacts — the prices have almost reached $70 per barrel”, Novak told Falih, according to the ministry’s web site. The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and other producers, including Russia, are cutting oil output by 1.8 million barrels per day under a pact running until the end of 2018.

Saudi Crown Prince calls the Supreme Leader of Iran “the new Hitler”


Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has called the Supreme Leader of Iran “the new Hitler of the Middle East”. In an interview with the New York Times published on Thursday, Mohammed bin Salman, who is also Saudi defense minister, suggested the Islamic Republic’s alleged expansion under Ayatollah Ali Khamenei needed to be confronted. “But we learned from Europe that appeasement doesn’t work. We don’t want the new Hitler in Iran to repeat what happened in Europe in the Middle East”, the paper quoted him as saying. It’s “ludicrous”, he said, to suggest that this anticorruption campaign was a power grab. He pointed out that many prominent members of the Ritz crowd had already publicly pledged allegiance to him and his reforms, and that “a majority of the royal family” is already behind him, the New York Times article said. “We show them all the files that we have and as soon as they see those about 95 percent agree to a settlement”, which means signing over cash or shares of their business to the Saudi state treasury. According to him, the public prosecutor says it could eventually “be around $100 billion in settlements”. Mohammed bin Salman insisted that the Saudi-backed war in Yemen was tilting in the direction of the legitimate government there, which, he said is now in control of 85 percent of the country. According to him, given the fact that pro-Iranian Houthi rebels, who hold the rest, launched a missile at Riyadh airport, anything less than 100 percent is still problematic. He praised President Trump as “the right person at the right time” and added that with his support the Saudis and their Arab allies were slowly building a coalition to stand up to Iran.

Sana’a International Airport receives humanitarian flights again


The humanitarian flights to Sana’a International Airport were resumed  after they stopped on November 06 due to the closure of all Yemeni ports by the Saudi-led aggression alliance. Director General of Sana’a International Airport Khalid Al-Shayef told Saba that the airport received Wednesday two planes; the first one is belonging to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) carrying humanitarian aid and a number of ICRC staff, and a Russian plane carrying the new diplomatic crew of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Sana’a. Al-Shayef pointed out that the two planes landed with ease and were contacted since they entered the airspace until they arrived at Sana’a airport. He confirmed the readiness of Sana’a International Airport to receive all flights in accordance with international laws and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

US Air Force: Yemeni rebels’ missile in Saudi Arabia was Iranian


The top US Air Force officials in the Mideast says that the ballistic missile fired by Yemeni rebels that targeted the Saudi capital was from Iran and bore “Iranian markings”. Harrigian said authorities were investigating how the missile was smuggled into Yemen amid a Saudi-led coalition controlling the country’s airspace, ports and borders. Previously, the White House has condemned the missile attack by Yemen’s Houthi militias on Saudi Arabia on 4 November, and said Iran “enabled” the attacks which had threatened stability in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia has said that the ballistic missile had a range of more than 900 km and was made in Iran, describing that attack as an “act of war”. The Yemeni rebels said they hit Riyadh’s King Khalid International Airport to the north of Riyadh with a Burkan-2H ballistic missile and released a video that purportedly showed the missile being launched at night. The Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported that air defenses had intercepted the missile before it hit the airport and its remnants landed in an uninhabited area north of the capital.

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