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Houthis decide to arrest Saleh and transfer him to Saada


Houthi militia decided to arrest former presidente Ali Abdullah Saleh and transfer him to Saada. That’s confirmed the militia’s decision to end the alliance with the General People’s Congress party headed by Saleh. In the last meeting of General People’s Congress, Saleh voiced the importance of working to empower military and security institutions and popular committees and volunteers’ efforts to provide security, tried to reassure its supporters and the capital’s residents and stressed for national unity. Also he recalled terms of their alliance for the partnership in managing the government in Sanaa with houthi but the past days have seen a sharp increase in tension between the allies of the coup Houthi and Saleh. Houthis militias bombed the home of a leader of Ali Abdullah Saleh’s political party, the first of its kind as tensions group between the two allies.

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