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China is the biggest trading partner of Iran in Asia


Chairman of Iran-China Joint Chamber of Commerce Asadollah Asgaroladi said China is now the biggest trading partner of the Islamic Republic in Asia. Asgaroladi hailed the recent rise in Iranian exports to China. He added that currently, Iran is the top exporter of goods to China among Middle Eastern countries. The official described the past Iranian year (which ended on March 20) as “a good year for the country’s exports”. He also predicted that in the current year, the volume of exports would increase by 5 to 7 percent compared to the last year. China has imported $18.579 billion worth of goods from Iran in 2017, around 25 percent higher than 2016. 

Back in January 2016, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani held talks with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping in Tehran and said, “We predict that the value of economic exchanges between Tehran and Beijing would rise to $600 billion within the next 10 years”. 

Algiers: Algeria and USA discuss proposals for bilateral partnership projects in various fields


The trade Minister Mohamed Benmeradi met, in Algiers, the United States Ambassador John Desrocher, with whom he discussed a series of proposals for bilateral partnership projects in various fields in the short and medium term. Mr. Benmeradi said that the United States of America was one of the main suppliers to the Algerian market, emphasizing “the strong presence of US investors in Algeria in different areas” including the energy sector and their participation in development projects.In this regard, the minister called on the US partner “to contribute to the increase of non-hydrocarbon exports”, through the opening of the country’s market to Algerian agri-food products.He emphasized the importance of capitalizing on the US export experience and creating more bilateral partnerships to support economic growth, in light of the Government’s balanced the national economy, the preservation of foreign exchange reserves and the promotion of Algerian trade at the international level. The US ambassador in Algiers described the relations between the two countries as “strong” and Algeria as “the main economic partner of the United States of America in North Africa”. The United States is ensuring the expansion of economic relations with Algeria and the strengthening of security cooperation and partnership.

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