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Oliver Ivanovic

NATO will not reduce its presence in Kosovo for now


KFOR commander General Salvatore Cuoci said that NATO does not intend to reduce the presence of its peacekeeping troops in Kosovo. On Sunday he also said that “the overall situation in Kosovo is stable and peaceful despite the recent events in the north”, a reference to the recent murder of Oliver Ivanovic. Concerning the transformation of the Kosovo Security Force into an army, Cuoci said that this should be implemented “through constitutional changes”.

Kosovo authorities are ready to invite the FBI


Prime Minister, Ramush Haradinaj, denounced the trends in the political exploitation of the murder of Oliver Ivanovic, the leader of the Citizens’ Initiative, “Freedom, Democracy, Justice” shot dead on Tuesday morning while entering the party’s headquarter. Following the meeting of the Kosovo Security Council, Haradinaj stated to the media that this crime is a result of the illegal involvement of foreign instances in the northern part of Kosovo inhabited mainly by Serbs. According to PM, Kosovo authorities are ready to invite the US Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI). “The Kosovo Police has good relations with many organizations, and we will invite the FBI if needed” he said.

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