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Montenegro is ready to access the final negotiation phase for EU integration


Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Justice Zoran Pažin affirmed that Montenegro is ready to open the remaining three negotiating chapters this year and to fully focus on the fulfillment of conditions for the completion of negotiations in the forthcoming period. Pažin expressed the full readiness of Montenegro to enter into the next, final phase of the negotiation process by obtaining final criteria for closing negotiations in the most demanding negotiating chapters 23 and 24 regarding the rule of law. Deputy Prime Minister Pažin praised Montenegro’s reform efforts and expressed the expectation that the quality and speed of the adoption of European standards and values by Montenegro will continue to make it a model for other countries in the region. In this regard, he stressed that Montenegro remains the region’s leader in the process of European integration.

Table with the Eln will remain suspended after attacks


The suspension of the dialogue table with the ELN after the attacks of this guerrilla group, has put suspension points to a negotiation marked by the slow advance in the agenda agreed between the national Government and this guerrilla. Confirmed the authorship of the attack against the police station of Barranquilla, which left five agents dead and 14 wounded, President Juan Manuel Santos closed the door to a new cycle of conversation until the ELN shows no coherence between his words of peace and his Actions.

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