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BIH; “this country is not a cradle of terrorism”


Petar Ivancov, the Ambassador of Russia to BiH, had an interview with  Serbian edition of Sputnik on several topics. Dealing with the influence of Russia in Bosnia and Herzegovina, he said that Russia wants to be part of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s development but not in a bad way, they want to make the relations between the two countries stronger and they want to create mutual benefits. He said that Russian government is actually supporting the country and it’s not against any of the people it’s made of. Talking about NATO, he said that the Russian position in this regard is already known: they are against NATO development in Balcans because they think that this won’t make this countries stronger. He also added that this kind of decision is up to the people of the country and they had the chance to notice that there’s no unity in Bosnia and Herzegovina in this regard. The Ambassador added something about Muslim community in the country: it was noticed that a lot of peope from Bosnia and Herzegovina joined terrorist in Siria and Iraq but he underlined that this is a problem of every european country, so Bosnia and Herzegovina is not an exception. He also added that Russia is totally supporting Bosnia and Herzegovina’s integrity.

PM Marković: Excellent government’s results in past 10 months


Prime Minister Duško Marković made a guest appearence on Radio of Montenegro’s talk-show “Responsible Response”. He had the chance to say that Montenegro has successfully completed integration into NATO in the past ten months and it’s approaching to European Union strongly and the Government has successfully consolidated finances, talking about Montenegro’s economy grew by 3.2% in Q1 and 5.1% in Q2. He added that World Bank is supporting internal reforms and Government wants to make economy even stronger until 2020. Dealing with opposition, he said that the opposition’s behaviour is undemocratic and irrational: the elections have been free and democratic, so there is no need from them not to recognize them. He also added that there won’t be negotiantions about the borders on Kosovo. Dealing with the other Balkan states as well, he said that relations with Croatia are really good, even if there are some problems about the sea border.

Establishing countability for wiretaps is important NATO e EU accession: US official says


It is very important for the country to establish accountability for the unauthorized wiretaps and the alleged government abuses associated with these wiretaps. This is a critical step towards Macedonia convincing EU, NATO and other international partners that it is ready to join these institutions, says United States Deputy Assistant Secretary for European and Eurasian Affairs, Hoyt Yee, in an interview with “360 Degrees” at TV Alsat M.Macedonia is trying to advance its democratic transition and advance its prospects for accession into the EU and NATO. This means that the country cannot afford a luxury of permanent delays and obstructions by political parties who disagree with the government.

NATO “concerned” over Thaci’s rehashed “Kosovo army” plan


NATO is concerned about a proposal to turn Kosovo Security Force (KSF) into an armed force without constitutional changes, writes the daily Vecrnje Novosti. “The secretary general also conveyed this message directly to the Kosovo authorities. He also urged the Kosovo authorities to stay in close contact with Belgrade. NATO’s position on this issue has not changed,” reads the reply that the Belgrade newspaper received from NATO officials in Brussels. “We welcome the willingness to involve all communities in a debate about the future of the KSF. NATO has been supporting the development of the KFS as a professional and growing multiethnic force for years. The structure, mandate and mission of the KSF are issues for local Kosovo institutions in accordance with their constitutional law”, a NATO official told the daily. That the formation of an army is the primary goal of the newly formed government in Pristina is evidenced in Minister of Security Forces Rustem Berisha saying in Tirana on Wednesday – where he met with the Albanian defense minister – that “the strengthening of security institutions is a priority, which involves the transformation of the KSF into an armed force”.

US, NATO renew commitments to Afghanistan


US Secretary of Defense, James Mattis, and NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg renewed their commitment to Afghanistan during their visit to Kabul on Wednesday. During joint press conference with President Ashraf Ghani at the Presidential Palace, Mattis and Stoltenberg pledged the support of US and NATO allies to the ongoing conflict in the country. They expressed determination to stop the country from becoming a safe haven for terrorists. President Ghani, while jointly briefing newsmen, said, “we want to pursue peace on two fronts; first, peace with Pakistan, through state-to-state dialogue and second we seek inter-Afghan peace process. It is proven fact that no one can impose their will on the people of Afghanistan through war”. He insisted that peace will also pave the way for strong defense against international terrorism and economic development. “I call on our neighbors, near and far, from India to Russia, to participate in regional reconciliation, in order to bring regional stability”, he said, adding, “combating terrorism effectively requires a regional and global consensus, and this risk must be taken serious”.


DM Sekerinska : Macedonia to increase defense budget in 2018, participation in Afghan mission


Ministers of Defense and Foreign Affairs, Radmila Sekerinska and Nikola Dimitrov respectively, are in Brussels on Wednesday for the meeting of the North Atlantic Council with the Republic of Macedonia (NAC + 1). The meeting with Ambassadors of the North Atlantic Council chaired by NATO Deputy Secretary General, Rose Gottemoeller, is focused on the 17th cycle of Macedonia’s NATO Membership Action Plan (MAP) and the government’s results in fulfilling  NATO’s membership requirements.In 2018 Macedonia will increase its defense budget and participation in the Afghan ‘Resolute Response’ mission for 0.2 and 20.00 percent respectively, Sekerinska said at a joint press conference with Dimitrov and Gottemoeller.

Minister Kamaladdin Heydarov meets NATO Secretary General’s special representative


Azerbaijan’s Minister of Emergency Situations, Colonel General Kamaladdin Heydarov received a delegation led by the NATO Secretary General’s Special Representative for the Caucasus and Central Asia, James Appathurai. Minister Heydarov outlined the importance of bilateral relations between Azerbaijan and NATO. He spoke about the necessity of developing cooperation in the field of emergency civil planning and crisis management between the Ministry of Emergency Situations and NATO’s relevant bodies. Speaking about the importance of existing relations, James Appathurai, in turn, expressed his confidence that mutual visits and meetings will serve to further deepen bilateral relations.

Meta-Steinmeier : excellent ties


Albanian Presdiente Ilir Meta held an official visit to the Federal Republic of Germany at the inivtation of his counterpart Frank-Walter Steimeier.  Meta expressed gratitude to Germany for support and assistance it has provived Albania and Albanian people in the process of EU integration and NATO membership. The two presidents evaluated completion of ratification procedures by the two sides of agreement in the field of social insurrances.President Steinmeier appreciated very important relations between Germany and Albania and emphasized that this visit is the best evidence  of theese special relations.

Minister Crnadak in New York: There is a Consensus for Cooperation with NATO


The minister of foreign affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) Igor Crnadak said, during a meeting of foreign ministers of the American-Adriatic Charter (A5), whose host was the Macedonian foreign minister Nikola Dimitrov, that there isstill no consensus regarding NATO membership but there is a full consensus for different kind of cooperation with NATO itself,  including activating the Membership Action Plan (MAP). Crnadak added however that Bosnia and Herzegovina is keeping on making reforms, expecially reguarding European area and european integration. The US assistant secretary of state Hoyt Brian Yee, who met Crnadak after the meeting, also attended the meeting.

Prime Ministers of Bulgaria, Poland Speak against Two-Speed Europe

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“The European Union should stay united and avoid moving at two speeds”, Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov and Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydlo told a news briefing after their meeting here on Wednesday. Polish Prime Minister Szydlo commended Bulgaria for the efficient controls of the EU border and said that the country is fully prepared to access the Schengen area. Szydlo went on to say that Bulgaria and Poland had a lot of things in common, among which a belief that unity should be the foundation to the future of the EU. “We believe that some countries are trying to divide Europe for the sake of their interests but we think that unity is key”, said Szydlo. For his part, Borissov said Bulgaria managed to protect its border at the cost of 160 million euro in EU aid, while other countries had received billions without much result. Borissov said that Bulgaria is honouring its commitments to NATO. He added that the issue of sanctions against Russia may be raised during the Bulgarian presidency of the Council of the EU and that a solution should be found in a calm and pragmatic manner. Borissov said Polish Prime Minister Szydlo and he discussed the future of the mining industry and large combustion plants which are threatened by an upcoming adoption of an EU directive. The two countries will put up an united front on the issue of mining and energy, said Szydlo.

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