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Iran continues to threat regional security by smuggling arms and missiles to Houthi’s controlled territory


The Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia on Monday said the debris of missiles fired by Houthi rebels in Yemen carried the features of weapons manufactured near Tehran.Indeed, the Saudi force are alerted after that on Monday seven missiles were fired form Houthis in Yemen towards Saudi Arabia. The coalition turn to the Iranian regime for providing the Houthi militias with sophisticated arms and ballistic missiles, thus undermining regional security. At a news conference on Monday night, which was attended by ambassadors of friendly nations and members of the Saudi-led military alliance, coalition spokesman Col. Turki Al-Maliki displayed the debris of the Houthi missiles that targeted Riyadh. He said analysis of the debris of the missiles showed they were supplied to the Houthi militias by Iran. During his presentation, the coalition spokesman shared a smuggled missile from Iran which was seized by the coalition forces before making its way to the Houthi militias in Yemen. “These ballistic missile attacks on Saudi Arabia were a serious escalation and a threat to regional and international security,” he said. “The hostile action by the Iranian regime in smuggling arms to Houthi militias … only prove that the Iranian regime continues to support the armed militants with military capabilities … allowing it to demonstrate its threat to regional as well as international security by disturbing peace and spreading chaos.” Al-Maliki noted that 78 percent of 104 ballistic missiles that have been launched targeting the Kingdom came from Yemen’s Saadah and north of Amran areas. The Houthi militants are also using Sanaa airport to launch missile attacks on Saudi territory, he told the audience. Speaking to the media a day after the missile attacks, Al-Maliki shared the details of them. He said seven ballistic missiles with the fingerprint of the Iranian regime were fired by the Houthis toward various areas in the Kingdom. Three missiles were fired toward Riyadh, two targeted Jazan and one each were towards Najran and Khamis Mushayt. Missiles towards Riyadh were aimed at residential areas in which one Egyptian civilian worker was killed and two were injured.

Hamas has spent money on war instead of Gaza’s development


After the release of the report that denounced the critical situation in Gaza, Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman said that if Hamas had invested the 260 million dollars spent in tunnels of terror and missiles on its water and sanitation systems, the Gaza Strip it would be in a much better situation. On the contrary, it appears that Hamas has continued to try to build tunnels and test rockets, including three missiles launched overnight in the Mediterranean Sea. The best way to solve the humanitarian situation in Gaza is that Hamas stops spending money on the war and killing people and instead invests in the development of Gaza. Liberman went on to denounce Iran for providing Hamas and Islamic Jihad with $ 100 million a year for terrorism. To counter the terrorism of these actors, Israel has a six-point strategic plan that includes: the return of missing soldiers and prisoners, the destruction of all the terror tunnels by the end of the year, the completion of an underground barrier between Israel and Gaza, the response to all rockets and mortar fire, the strengthening of communities on the outskirts of Gaza and the demilitarization and restabilization of Gaza.

North Korea: the challenge of turning inter-Korean thaw into longer-term detente


The peaceful climate in which yesterday’s meeting between South and North Korea took place quickly evaporate when the North’s chief negotiator threatened to walk out after the South Korean side raised the question Pyongyang’s nuclear and missile programmes. “We had started in a good spirit but this came to an icky mood”, North Korea’s lead delegate Ri Son Gwon complained in closing remarks. Ri also said he would not discuss North Korea’s nuclear weapons programme with the South because its nuclear bombs and intercontinental ballistic missiles are aimed “thoroughly” at the United States, not at its “brethren” in the South. This reaction shows how, although talks yielded agreements to hold military talks and facilitate North Korea’s participation in next month’s Winter Olympics in South Korea, turning this loosening of tensions into a longer-term detente will be very difficult. North Korea in fact does not intend to negotiate its nuclear arsenal while on the other side Washington insist that complete denuclearisation is the only acceptable outcome.

China: 3, 2, 1…lift-off for a barrage of Chinese military missile tests


The PLA Daily (People’s Liberation Army Daily) released images and footage of some missile tests made today , but did not specify when or where they were carried out, saying only that they were conducted at various sites.
The missiles appeared to be either Type DF-11 or DF-16 mobile-launched missiles with ranges of between 600km and 1,000km, according to a Chinese military observer. The DF-16 is a more advanced version of the DF-11 land-to-air missile and is capable of precision strikes on Taiwan, analysts say.

A total oil embargo on North Korea would only lead to war, as it did with imperial Japan


A total oil embargo against North Korea would be likely to provoke the same result as it did with imperial Japan , war with the US and friends. Last week, following a series of missile launches and an underground nuclear test, the US ambassador to the UN declared North Korea to be begging for war. This week, the 15- member UN Security Council unanimously passed a raft of new sanctions, including a universal ban on purchasing North Korean textiles (the country’s second-largest export, after coal) and the cessation of all gas exports to the isolated state. What’s more interesting is what was culled from America original proposal: the use of force, if deemed necessary, to board and inspect ships to enforce these economic sanctions; an asset freeze; a travel ban for Kim Jong-un. China and Russia know that a complete oil cut-off would heighten North Korea’s self-destructive tendencies and hasten its collapse. Sanctions have not worked and now cannot work. North Korea is not going to give up.

North Korea, Paris: EU missiles target. Putin against sanctions


Mrs Florance Parly, France Defense Minister, stated that Nord Korean missiles could reach Europe earlier than expected. President Trump tweeted that he’s allowing Japan and South Korea to buy highly sophisticated military equipment from USA. Meanwhile it seems that an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) is being placed on the west coast in North Korea. Seul’s intelligence, pin down as a possible date for new North Korean’s nuclear test the 9th of September Foundation’s anniversary, or the 10th of October, Worker’s Party of Korea’s birth date. UN security Council evaluate the possibility to apply new sanctions. Mrs. Nikki Haley, US ambassador for UN, said: “We have to adopt the strongest possible measures” and added: “his action show’s begging for war”. Even Angela Merkel stated that North Korean’s action are a clear violation of the convention and that stronger sanctions are necessary, and that there’s only a solution to this conflict and that solution must be a diplomatic one.

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