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Egypt, Italy cooperate for fighting illegal migration

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Egypt and Italy are cooperating for training cadres from African countries on fighting illegal migration. A workshop of a training program was held in the Egyptian Police Academy. The workshop was attended by Tunisia, Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia, Senegal, Niger, Morocco, Mali and other African countries along with Spain and France.

Terrorism: EU, more dead due to lack of information exchange


The EU commissioner for Migration, Home affairs and Citizenship Dimitris Avramopoulos during an audition at the LIBE Committee declared: “with no doubt a more rapid and efficient exchange of informations could have saved some lives”. Mr Avramopoulos asked for a more trustful cooperation between all the countries, and asked to the MEP to move forward on the project Eu-Lisa, an European Agency for the management of IAs. He also demanded to focus on the work of the interoperability of infos systems, that could give the possibility to look at informations of more database in a more easy way.

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