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Sugareski : €188 milion provided for improving road, rail and communal infrastructure


At today’s press conference the Minister of Infrastructure and Comunication Sugareski said that in just 100 day the Goverment provided 188.4 milion euro in grants for improving road,rail and communal infrastructure and Macedonia is becoming part of the transport comunity of Balkan countries and the EU. He pointed out that 131 milion € of grants Eu have been provided for the construction of the railiway line to Bulgaria on Corridor 8 and with the memorandum signed with the Bulgarian Ministry of Transport and Comunications, the two countries are obliged to build completely new railroad by 2027 at the least. In this month Macedonia will sign a bilateral agreement with the EU to finance the Gradsko-Drenovo expressway.

PM Zaev calls referendums on refugee settlments ‘political manipulation’

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In the course of the day from Veles the Macedonian Prime Minister Zaev told to the reporters that the referendums on construction of apartment blocks to house of refugees, convened by several municipalities in Macedonia in the same day of local elections on October 15, are a manipulation to divert the public attention from the local elections. If the municipalities were to hold a refendum on refugees transfer in Macedonia , the party of  the Prime Minister Zaev ( SDSM ) would take part to prove that 100% of electors say would not to build refugee camps.

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