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Houthi militia

Three Saudi children injured by Houthi shelling on Jazan, southern Arabia


Three children were injured in Jazan in southern Saudi Arabia. The spokesman for the Saudi-led coalition, Colonel Turki Al-Maliki, said that Houthi militants “intentionally targeted civilians in Al-Arda in the Jazan province”. He added that three children were injured as a result of the falling shells. Col Al-Maliki reiterated that Houthi militia supported by Iran continues its campaign targeting civilians in a clear violation of international laws and of those principles governing the respect of civilians in conflict.

Bombings shot by the Houthi’s militia in Taiz, hit children and villages


According to medical sources in Taiz, southwestern Yemen, ten people including children, were wounded by bombings shot by the Houthi and Saleh’s militia, targeting the villages west of the city. The sources pointed out that among the injured were four children, some are seriously wounded, as a result of bombing residential villages in Al-Asharouh and Beni Bakari, Azlet Elyaman and Kuweyha located in the western area of Jabal Habashi, west of the city of Taiz. In the same district, the coup militias forced 65 families from the lower Al Quoz village to leave their homes by force at gunpoint. Families of forcibly displaced persons reported that Houthi militias had spread mines in the village to force the residents out. The Center for Human Rights in Taiz (non-governmental) condemned the systematic forced displacement of the Houthi and Saleh’s militias against the besieged Yemeni people. It also condemned the act of implanting thousands of mines in the roads used by unarmed citizens in these villages describing the act as an atrocious war crime.

Saudi Arabia: UN’s support of Houthi militias is unacceptable


Saudi Arabia expressed its deep condemnation of the report by a UN committee stating that the United Nations has provided $14 million to the Yemeni Ministry of Education run by the Houthi militia in Yemen; as the militias are planting thousands of mines inside Yemen and on the Saudi border. Saudi Arabia asked the committee to reconsider the submitted report, and reflect facts that has been ignored asking for the commitment of all involved United Nations organizations, regarding resolution 2216, stressing that United Nations support for the Houthi militias was unjustifiable and unacceptable. Saudi Arabia confirmed that the Houthi and Saleh’s militias has planted and deployed at least 50,000 mines on the Saudi-Yemeni border, engrained tens of thousands of mines in populated Yemeni cities and villages, and laid mines in the Red Sea near the Saudi border. This came in a speech delivered by the Saudi delegation to the United Nations on Wednesday to the Special Political and Decolonization Committee (Fourth Committee) on Mine Action section number 50. In addition, the delegation of Saudi Arabia expressed its appreciation for the efforts of the United Nations in the area of mine clearance, and the efforts to achieve the United Nations’ Mine Action Strategy for the period 2013-2018. This is to ensure the safety of people from mines and explosives, and in line with the achievement of the goals of the United Nations’ Plan for Sustainable Development 2030.

PM: Iranian ship seized near the coast of Socotra


The Yemeni government announced that it had seized an Iranian ship carrying 19 sailors off the coast of the Socotra archipelago, east of the country. He explained that “the ship was caught by fishermen on the island of Abdul Kuri, one of the islands of Socotra archipelago”. According to Saba News Agency, Yemen’s Council of Ministers held a meeting chaired by bin Daghr in the city of Aden where the seizure of the ship and the investigation into its cargo and source of supply were discussed. The news coincided with renewed accusations against Iran of transferring weapons to its Houthi militia allies across the Yemeni coasts, and the announcement by the US administration of the government’s support to meet these challenges. There was no immediate comment from the Iranian authorities on the seizure of the ship on Saturday.

Houthi militia terminate dozens of academics from Sanaa University


Houthi militias are rapidly recruiting new staff and officials at Sanaa University and appointing academic leaders loyal to it, while terminating dozens of academics, employees and assistants as part of its plan to take full control over the educational institutions in Yemen. The union of faculty members and their assistants at Sanaa University revealed that the University Council decided to terminate a large number of faculty members arbitrarily and have strongly denounced these procedures and demanded they be made void. The union called on all members of Sanaa University to confront these actions firmly and to stand against any dismissal or appointment procedures that violate laws, regulations and academic and administrative standards. Also  affirmed its adherence to its legal right to take all necessary measures to defend the rights of all its members. The union held the university presidency (appointed by Houthis) under legal responsibility if it continued to dismiss its employees arbitrarily.

Houthis decide to arrest Saleh and transfer him to Saada


Houthi militia decided to arrest former presidente Ali Abdullah Saleh and transfer him to Saada. That’s confirmed the militia’s decision to end the alliance with the General People’s Congress party headed by Saleh. In the last meeting of General People’s Congress, Saleh voiced the importance of working to empower military and security institutions and popular committees and volunteers’ efforts to provide security, tried to reassure its supporters and the capital’s residents and stressed for national unity. Also he recalled terms of their alliance for the partnership in managing the government in Sanaa with houthi but the past days have seen a sharp increase in tension between the allies of the coup Houthi and Saleh. Houthis militias bombed the home of a leader of Ali Abdullah Saleh’s political party, the first of its kind as tensions group between the two allies.

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