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Farc and Eln will meet in Ecuador


Members of the Revolutionary Alternative Force of the Common (FARC) asked the National Liberation Army (Eln) for an emergency meeting in Quito, Ecuador, to address several issues related to the safety of their ex-combatants who have being killed, apparently, by hands of Eln guerrillas. In recent days the ex-guerrilla denounced that in Cauca several ex-combatants were kidnapped and threatened by the ELN in what would be a dispute over a territory that historically occupied the Farc.

Table with the Eln will remain suspended after attacks


The suspension of the dialogue table with the ELN after the attacks of this guerrilla group, has put suspension points to a negotiation marked by the slow advance in the agenda agreed between the national Government and this guerrilla. Confirmed the authorship of the attack against the police station of Barranquilla, which left five agents dead and 14 wounded, President Juan Manuel Santos closed the door to a new cycle of conversation until the ELN shows no coherence between his words of peace and his Actions.

Colombia: ‘Despite difficulties, there is recognition of the UN’, said María Emma Mejía


In order to learn first hand the progress in the implementation of what was agreed between the Government and the Farc, the General Secretary of the United Nations (UN), Antonio Guterres, will arrive on Saturday in the country. The Colombian ambassador to that body, María Emma Mejía, told EL TIEMPO that for the UN the normative development of the agreement is one of the most “successful” elements of the process with the Farc and, possibly, Guterres make a new call so that the Government and the ELN return to the table of conversations.

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