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The opening of negotiations closes the ‘abyss’ between Albania and the EU


The spirits of the “spiritual abyss” between Albania and Europe have always narrowed, but will be completely closed if Albania opens negotiations with the EU. Present at the Albanian Cultural Heritage – a Value on the European Way, at the Academy of Sciences, Prime Minister Edi Rama said that ” the expression Albanians used whenever they left the house was, is getting the road to Europe”. “This expression sums up the dream, hope and ambition of every man, every father, every boy who left home to take the road to Europe, to bring from there what the house could not have. So Albanians have lived for many centuries, to this day, on May 9, 2018, which we are talking about. With this dream, with this hope and ambition.

While the deep spiritual depth between them and Europe has come narrowing. But again today, being prime minister, it is a duty to see the bottom of the abyss, through the principles that built the United Europe. There is the shadow of the abyss when you speak to EU members. It’s fortunately a shadow of that abyss. Because the abyss is far more psychological than factual, since Albania has received historic support from the EU to open negotiations to eventually close the abyss.

Albanian Prime Minister, “Public accountability comes as a necessity”


Public accountability comes as a necessity, as we do not rule in front of an opposition that brings alternatives, ideas and a program to protect the interests of citizens. So stated in Parliament on Thursday, Prime Minister Edi Rama, arguing the necessity of developing a public accountability campaign. In a country where democracy works, he said, we should have a majority ruling and an opposition that demands accountability to the Assembly. “We are not required to account but simply throwing stones, clay balls and all sorts of llozhrash collected in the entire space of the despair of this opposition,” said Rama. He assured that “the campaign of accountability will be a lasting constancy of each year of this mandate, because we have undertaken to govern with people and for people”.

“We have asked for a mandate to work in the country’s leadership without being accompanied by anyone and to govern in a coalition with people. The accountability campaign is also important for the fact that we should be as direct and eye-to-eye communicating with people without allowing this communication to be owned by agents of misery, all those with political mandate or media channels in available make the deformation, distortion and manipulation of our truths “, – said Rama.

Albanian Prime Minister, “The Vetting process will not be sufficient only with the removal of corrupt judges”


“The Vetting process will not be sufficient only with the removal of corrupt judges and prosecutors, as they will answer the law.” He said in a meeting of the SP National Assembly, Prime Minister Edi Rama, adding that there will then be a clean justice system that will act on politicians. “People see that all that true war on and and below and, to advance reform in justice, all that extreme confrontation with the tent in the middle of the boulevard to break Vetting’s path has not merely been worth it but has were just as we have shown,” Rama said.

The Palace of Justice is collapsing, the Prime Minister said, adding that “the corrupt people within the palace have no prosperity, and throughout this escalation of the process, those who have held up the Palace of Justice are leaving.” We have to explain, Rama said, that, these will not escape with that. “The cleansing of a justice system will not leave any of those who are leaving today, without recourse to tell where you found the money,” said the prime minister. To the general question of why Vetting did not start from the government and politicians, Prime Minister Rama replied that “this will make a purely justice system”.

Albanian foreign minister, “We are aware of the ‘tiredness of Europeanisation'”


Foreign Minister Ditmir Bushati informed on Tuesday (April 26th) a small group of Brussels journalists about his country’s ambitions towards the EU, following the Commission’s proposal to start membership talks with Tirana and following Prime Minister Edi Rama’s visit to Berlin last Wednesday. The European Commission proposed on April 17 to open membership negotiations with Albania and Macedonia, in line with its new focus on Western Balkans integration.

The renewed interest in the region, which has made progress over the last year in resolving disagreements with its neighbors and undertaking a reform agenda, matched concerns about the growing interest of non-EU countries to gained a foothold there, in particular Russia and China. Meanwhile, French President Emmanuel Macron told the European Parliament that he did not want further EU enlargement before the bloc would make the reforms, allowing it to function more successfully. In Berlin, Rama warned that Russia also aimed to radicalize the Muslims of Albania and urged the EU not to “leave room for filling in from other countries”.

National Energy Strategy in Albania, Edi Rama’s ambition

in EUROPE by

During the presentation of the National Energy Strategy, Prime Minister Edi Rama brought to the attention the collapse in this sector a few years ago and the achievements in recent years. According to Rama, the government made the important transformation in every respect, ranging from establishing legality in the energy sector and transforming the company from a risky asset to an asset that is estimated today day after day. Regarding the energy market, Rama stressed that a courageous liberalization process was undertaken, while it is foresees that in the space of a few years Albania has a 100 per cent open energy market.

According to him, it will create a new atmosphere in the relationship between consumers and energy distribution sector, leading to a degree the company’s efficiency. Rama concluded saying that Albania has started work and by end of the year albanians are ready to offer citizens the opportunity to partecipate as shareholders with the ambition that next year the company will turn into a company where the mass participation of citizens as shareholders will have a mutual benefit.

Important for Balkans to join European Project


Prime Minister, Edi Rama took part in the 10th edition of the “World Policy Conference”, which kicked off Friday in Marrakech of Morocco. PM Rama was invited to be part of the panel “The Future of South-Eastern Europe”, together with Serbian PM Ana Brnabic, where he talked aboùt the importance of regional cooperation and the role of Albania in it, as well as the challenges of Albania’s EU integration. Talking about the prospective of EU enlargement with other aspiring coùntries, the PM said that the countries are in a different historical moment, that of completing the started process. The PM underlined that it is very important that the Balkan countries become part of the European project, as an extra factor for a safer and more secure Europe. The PM said that the current Balkans has positioned itself clearly in favor of the EU and is working hard for this.

PM Borissov Talks with Albanian Counterpart Edi Rama


Prime Minister Boyko Borissov has talked with his Albanian counterpart Edi Rama on the telephone. Borissov said Bulgaria insists that Tirana should guarantee the rights of the Bulgarian national minority in line with the international legal standards. The conversation was prompted by a bill aimed to protect the minorities’ rights drafted by the Albanian government. Borissov said he expected the legislation to include provisions protecting the rights of the Bulgarian minority. Rama assured the Bulgarian Prime Minister that the bill was still under preparation, and pledged that his country would not infringe on the interests of the Bulgarian minority. He stressed that communication with Bulgaria would continue so that the Bulgarians’ interests in Albania would be protected. Andon Donchev MP of the Volya party read out a declaration in Parliament urging that the cause of Bulgarians in Albania become a real priority of the State and one of the top policies during Bulgaria’s EU Council Presidency in the first half of 2018. He said that different sources put the number of people of Bulgarian origin in Albania in the range of 50,000 to 100,000.

BiH, Serbia, Macedonia and Kosovo missing on the NATO Map


The prime minister of Albania Edi Rama said at a meeting of the NATO Military Committee said that Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Serbia, Macedonia and Kosovo are still missing from a NATO map. According to the Albanian news agencies ATA, this territories that should be involved more in European area are seen as vulnerable by other political actors. The chairman of the NATO Military Committee general Petr Pavel thanked Albania for its committment in safeguard of security in Afghanistan and Kosovo. Pavel stressed as well the role of Albania in fighting ISIS and keeping peace in the Balcan area.

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