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EMI successfully launches first Bolivian missile for defense


The rector of the Military School of Engineering (EMI), Rommel Morón, reported that in November of last year the first missile was successfully launched, in the testing stage, manufactured by Bolivian scientists. There is the first prototype that is in the process of study and design. “We have launched a first rocket, a first Bolivian missile, elaborated, thought, made with scientists from the Military School of Engineering, teachers of the Military School of Engineering, in our Aerospace Development Center located in the city of Cochabamba”, said Morón, after signing a training agreement with the Bolivian Nuclear Energy Agency (ABEN). Morón Romero said that military engineers contribute to the security and defense of the State, and that is why the EMI was made available to the Army. “A prototype that is still in the process of study and design; but we have already demonstrated the effectiveness of this device that has been developed, manufactured at the prototype level”, he said.

Macedonia, Bulgaria and Albania: possibilities for fostering defense cooperation


The Macedonian, Bulgarian Defense Ministers and Albanian Deputy DM, Radmila Sekerinska, Krasimir Karakachanov and Petro Kochi respectively, discussed Friday in Ohrid on possibilities for fostering the cooperation in the sphere of defense.Today we have expressed political will to strengthen our cooperation in defense and our teams will begin to prepare plans for 2018, Sekerinska said after the meeting, which ‘voiced strong support for the Alliance’s open door policy and Macedonia’s full-fledged NATO membership.’ The closer cooperation between Bulgaria, Macedonia and Albania doesn’t cover only the economic cooperation with respect to Corridor 8, but may also be extended to the sphere of defense, Karakachanov said.Kochi said that Albania and Bulgaria would be staunch advocates for Macedonia to join NATO as soon as possible, as the membership status is significant not only to the citizens of the country, but also to the region as a whole.

DM Sekerinska meets NATO Brig. Gen. Jeleniewski


Defense Minister Radmila Sekerinska welcomed Thursday a NATO delegation, led by Brigadier General Marian Jeleniewski, Deputy Director of NATO Security Cooperation Sector.The purpose of the visit of NATO military delegation is to initiate closer cooperation between the Alliance and Macedonia Army (ARM), the Ministry of Defense (MoD) said in a press release.The intensified political activity of the Republic of Macedonia towards NATO should be supported by a closer military cooperation, Brig. Gen. Jeleniewski said and offered three proposals for increasing military cooperation between the Alliance’s military structure and ARM, such as expert level interviews once a year; NATO and ARM experts to discuss issues of common interest; regular annual NATO Military Committee – ARM meeting; better representation of the ARM within the NATO structures by referring a national military representative of the Republic of Macedonia to the NATO Federal Command (SHAPE) and filling positions of partner staff officers in NATO military commands.

Permanent structured Cooperation on defense could be launched by end 2017


On 7th September in Tallin the European Union ministers of defense had an informal meeting. The main subject of the meeting was how to move ahead with PESCO on defence, that could possibly start by the end of the year. Federica Mogherini stated that there’s a overall consensus on the main lines of PESCO and that there are a lot of proposal on how to launch the cooperations mechanism. Between now and the end of September, ministers will meet again with the aim to be ready by mid-October to present to the EU High Representative and the Council the basis for a common notification interest of member states. When the European institutions will receive the full list of countries interested in the project, there will be a second phase that will last three months in wich all the parts will negotiate for all the details. The High Representative of th EU Federica Mogherini expressed enthusiasm seeing the rapid progress, that testimony excellent teamwork by alla he Member State and European institutions. Mrs Mogherini pointed out that the EU had already received proposals for some 30 projects that could be developed under the PESCO mechanism.

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