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Experts urge overhaul of Nigeria’s security architecture


LAGOS – Experts have called for a review of the nation’s security architecture to address the killings and other criminal activities in the land. 

During the inauguration of council members and induction of new members of the Institute of Criminal Justice and Criminology Administration (ICJCA) in Lagos, the chief executive/registrar, Dr. Primus Emenuga, said the appeal has become necessary following the series of negative reports which were capable of undermining national security. He said: “As at this moment, our security architecture is nothing to write home about. If you look at our core competencies, like the justice system, law enforcement and prison, they are not performing optimally […] We are asking the government to look at the security issues from the top to the bottom, especially at the correction level to change the narrative.” 

To the president and chairman of council, Oba Gbadebo Bajowa, there was need to improve the nation’s justice system by developing and providing good but strategic security administrators and defence initiatives in both government and private organisations. The emphasis, he said, should be on the provision of a broad programme that equips members of the criminal justice system with necessary knowledge, skills, attitude and aptitude in criminal justice administration and criminology in tandem with current realities. 

Rada Security Committee backs bill on restoring sovereignty over Donbas but calls for amendments .


The Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security and Defense supported the presidential bill on the specifics of state policy to ensure state sovereignty of Ukraine over temporarily occupied territories in Donetsk and Luhansk regions (No. 7163), at the same time instructing that the working group draft a number of amendments, according to an UNIAN correspondent. The corresponding decision was announced by Committee Chair Serhiy Pashinsky. Before the vote, MP Andriy Levus proposed removing from the bill’s article 7 the reference to Minsk agreements and replacing them with a note on the resolution of the UN Security Council, which supported the Minsk accords. Pashinsky put the draft law to vote with the instruction to the committee secretariat to create ahead of the second reading a working group to be headed by MP Levus, aimed at finalizing the document and amending Article 7. Most Committee members supported the decision with three abstained, and another one against.

Generals Discuss Iran-Turkey Cooperation against Secession Bids


Top generals from Iran and Turkey in a meeting in Tehran explored avenues for military cooperation in the war against terrorism and for thwarting the plots seeking disintegration of the regional countries, such as the Iraqi Kurdistan Region’s secession bid. In a Tuesday meeting in Tehran, Iran’s Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami and the General Staff of Turkey Hulusi Akar discussed a range of issues, with the focus on protection of the territorial integrity of the countries in the region. Highlighting Iran’s support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all regional nations, General Hatami said mutual cooperation among Tehran, Ankara and Baghdad would contribute to regional stability and security and counter the separatist moves. Following the defeat of Daesh (ISIL) terrorist group, the US and Israel have come up with a new plot against the region, the Iranian minister warned, saying they are seeking the partition of the regional countries.


Albania: the minister of defense Oltha xhacka has announced that American radar will monitor the albanian airspace


An American radar will monitor with Albanian airspace. The information was made pùblic by the Defense Minister, Olta Xhacka on Tùesday dùring a press conference with his Polish coùnterpart, Antoni Macierewic. From the other side, minister Xhacka ùnderlined the fact that Albanian government increased the bùdget for the defense.


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