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Davos meeting between Zaev and Tsipras, of historic importance


In an interview with Greek newspaper Khatimerini, Matthew Nimetz, the special envoy for the name issue, stated that the Davos meeting between Prime Ministers Zoran Zaev and Alexis Tsipras is positive and of historic importance. He expressed optimism with regards to find a mutually acceptable solution, thanks to international community cooperation, and the coordination with the UN, US as well as UE. “It’s time that talks are intensified as regards the conditions for a final agreement while treating with caution the issues raised by the two premiers. I’m coming to Athens and Skopje for talks in order to accelerate the process. I believe now there’s a dynamic to find a solution”, declared Nimetz. As Khatimerini reports, Nimetz has proposed the wide use of the new name only once Macedonia integration process into the EU is concluded.  Before that, the new name can be used on the international stage.

Spain will respond with “proportionality and reciprocity to Venezuela”


The Spanish Foreign Minister, Alfonso Dastis, announced that Spain will respond ” with proportionality and reciprocity”, after Venezuela declared as persona non grata the Spanish ambassador in Caracas, Jesús Silva Fernández. The statements were made in the Swiss city of Davos, where Dastis attends the World Economic Forum. The head of Spanish diplomacy rejected accusations of “interference” proffered by the Venezuelan government, since the only thing that Spain has done since the beginning is “help the process” of negotiations between government and opposition, reported Efe.

Brnabic spoke about Serbia with the “New leader for Europe”


Prime Minister Brnabic took part yesterday in the meeting of the “New Leaders for Europe” in the World Economic Forum in Davos. Here she affirmed that Serbia is deeply committed to European integration, as it shares European values and the idea of peace and stability.

Facilitatons to Japanese companies for investing in Pakistan

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Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has said that the government will provide full support and facilitation to the Japanese companies that are interested to invest in Pakistan. Talking to CEO of Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) Tadashi Maeda at World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, he hoped that JBIC will support Japanese companies in their investments in Pakistan particularly in the energy sector. He said Pakistan and Japan enjoy a very long and cherished history of economic cooperation that is of immense importance to Pakistan. Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said in the last few years Pakistan has made tremendous achievements towards political stability, law and order, energy security, and economic growth. He said we are hoping that these positive indicators will incite Japanese companies and businesses to enhance their ties. The prime minister apprised that there are 84 Japanese companies currently operating in Pakistan and many more are expected to enter Pakistani market at an exponential rate. PM Abbasi invited JBIC to open its operations in Pakistan. CEO JBIC appreciated the economic stability achieved by Pakistan and expressed interest for investments in Energy and Telecom sectors. JBIC has provided funding for Kohat tunnel-I, II and other infrastructure projects.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Davos says terrorism, climate change grave threats


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday insisted that terrorism and climate change are the biggest threats that the entire world is facing in the present time, and added that the “artificial distinction” made by some people between “good and bad terrorists is equally dangerous as terrorism”. Delivering a keynote address at the opening session of the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in the Swiss mountain resort of Davos, PM Modi said India’s position on the menace of terrorism is well known and he would not like to elaborate on that. Issues of peace, security and stability have also emerged as serious global challenges, he added. Underlining the importance of technology, the prime minister said data is the real wealth in the present era. “Today, data is a real wealth and it is being said that whoever acquires and controls the data will have hegemony in the future. The global flow of data is creating big opportunities as well as challenges”, he said. He added that technology-driven transformation has been deeply affecting people’s way of thinking, working, international groups, politics, and economy. Talking about social media, Modi said, “The example of breaking, addition, and twisting of technology is being seen in the form of social media”. Protectionism is rearing its head and there is risk of new tariff and non-tariff barriers coming up, the prime minister said, as he mentioned that division is not the solution to this problem of anti-globalisation. He also made a comparison between World Economic Forum meeting in 1997 and 2018. “Last time an Indian PM came to Davos was in 1997 when Deve Gowda ji had come. That time our GDP was little more than 400 billion dollars, now its more than six times. That forum’s vision was about the building of network society. Then there was no Euro; very few people knew about Osama bin Laden. Google was not invented, if someone would search Amazon on Internet then search results would throw information about rivers and forests. Tweeting was the work of birds”. Referring to this year’s WEF’s theme of ‘Creating a shared future in a fractured world’, the prime minister said the Indian philosophy of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ (the world is one family) has become more relevant in today’s time to address fissures and distances in the world. “India has always believed in values of integration and unity or ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ which means the entire world is one family. It is relevant to bridge distances. We have always believed in uniting humanity, not breaking it, there are some explosive forces in the environment that are capable of creating bEU-India summit, arriers to development, world peace and stability. However, if we stand as one unit, we can help bridge the fractures created by these”, he said. He further called for retrospection on these obstacles and said it is high time we stand in unison and examine whether, in any way, we are encouraging the existence of these barriers. Modi also told the world leaders that democracy in India was not just a “political system” but a way of living. “We in India are proud of our democracy and diversity. For a society with diverse religions, cultures, languages, attires and cuisines; democracy is not just a political system but a way of living…In India, democracy, demography and dynamism are giving shape to development and destiny”

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