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China welcomes North Korea’s commitment to denuclearization


Chinese State Councillor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi met North Korean Foreign Minster Ri Yong Ho in Beijing today and told him that China appreciates the North’s “important efforts” toward the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula. Wang also said Beijing hopes that a planned meeting between the leaders of North Korea and the United States advances smoothly and that the reasonable security concerns of all sides regarding the denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula should be taken into account.

North Korea’s Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho is set to visit Russia, where Ri is expected to talk to senior Russian government officials about the situation on the Korean peninsula, Azerbaijan, where he is likely to attend a ministerial-level meeting of the Conference of the Non-Aligned Movement in Baku, and other former Soviet republics in the coming days. North Korea in fact has intensified diplomatic efforts ahead of its planned summit with South Korea on April 27 and first-ever high-level talks with the United States possibly by the end of next month.

China: zero-sum mindset risks opening a Pandora’s box


The trade war between USA and China dominate Asians’ media. The fear of this war manipulates stock exchanges. At the moment the end of this unharmed conflict it’s far to the end. we’ll see in the next days.

China’s Xi tells Zimbabwe president they should write ‘new chapter’ in ties


Chinese President Xi Jinping told President Emmerson Mnangagwa of Zimbabwe that they should work towards a new chapter in ties, during the African leader’s first state visit to China since he seized power last year. Mnangagwa, who became president in November after a de facto military coup ended Robert Mugabe’s 37-year rule, has promised to rebuild his country’s devastated economy and re-engage with the international community.

Xi said China has been happy to see the economic reform policies that Mnangagwa put in place after the “peaceful, smooth” transfer of power. “I’m willing to work with Mr President to jointly map out our future cooperation and write a new chapter in China-Zimbabwe relations for the benefit of our two peoples” Xi said, during the meeting in Beijing.

In December, Zimbabwe signed a $ 153 million loan agreement with China to expand and renew its international airport in Harare in the attempt to attract investors and tourists, the first such deal under the new government.

China has growing interest in investing in Africa’s natural resources and has poured more than $100 billion into roads, railways, mines, powerlines and factories on the continent over the last decade. At the same time with his visit, Zimbabwe would attempt to tap China’s huge financial resources, technical expertise and modern technology in order to help revive the economy, Mnangagwa told.

Chinese Space Station Tiangong-1 burns up over the Pacific Ocean


China’s Tiangong-1 space station re-entered the earth’s atmosphere and burnt up over the middle of the South Pacific. During last week, and yesterday too, many countries, like Italy and Brazil, was worried about eventually large pieces can reaches the ground. Today this danger had already ceased and the station is fully anchored in the ocean.

Wang Yi “China’s reform and opening up is in line with the interests of the Chinese people”


China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi, speaking at a business conference as part of the Greater Mekong Subregion Summit in Hanoi, in Vietnam, said China wants to share its development opportunities with other countries, but protectionism will mean closing the door into China. “China’s reform and opening up is in line with the interests of the Chinese people, and will also benefit other countries” Wang said, adding China will provide an even better investment environment for foreign companies, but he also added “Opening up should work both ways. China opens itself to other countries and hopes others will be open to China”.

Wang also said the country’s reform and opening up policy will neither be changed nor be affected by any external factors, referring to U.S. President Donald Trump’s move last week to slap up to $60 billion in tariffs on some Chinese imports.

Gao Feng, “The practices of the United States are like opening Pandora’s Box”


China’s commerce ministry, said the U.S. approach on trade sets a bad precedent that could trigger a domino effect, so the United States must stop its wrong actions and withdraw from its unilateralism. Ministry spokesman Gao Feng also told the U.S. trade measures on China were typical trade protectionism and reflected a Cold War attitude. “The malicious practices of the United States are like opening Pandora’s Box, and there is a danger of triggering a chain reaction that will spread the virus of trade protectionism across the globe” the spokesman added.

China in fact would take all possible steps to protect its interests and was confident in its ability to counter any trade and investment protectionism. Itcould target a broad range of U.S. businesses from agriculture to aircraft, autos, semiconductors and even services if the trade conflict escalates.

Trump talks with Macron and Merkel about China trade practices


U.S. President Donald Trump discussed trade practices with China in calls on Tuesday with French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the White House said. Trump and Merkel also discussed “joining forces to counter” China’s economic practices and alleged intellectual property theft, the White House said, in what would be a further escalation of Trump’s trade actions against China.

The U.S. president also pushed for intensifying cooperation with Turkey on Syria in his call with Macron, according to the White House.

‘Strong possibility’ North Korea’s Kim Jong Un made surprise Beijing visit


An armoured green with yellow horizontal lines train arrived in Beijing on Monday night. This event, including tightened security outside the train station, and tourists being ushered out of the capital’s Tiananmen Square, which usually signals a high-level meeting in the Great Hall of the People there, fed rumours that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un visited Beijing. Assuming it actually took place it was Kim’s first visit to a foreign country since succeeding his father, Kim Jong-il, as supreme leader of North Korea in December 2011 and it was a clear message sent to the world that despite rumours to the contrary, Beijing and Pyongyang remain close allies.

Although the details of the visit remain a closely guarded secret, Kim is believed to have met Chinese President Xi Jinping and possibly other top Communist Party leaders, including Premier Li Keqiang while in the city. There has been no official comment from North Korea, while China’s foreign ministry said it had “no information for the moment”, but more would “be published in due course”.

Chinese military helicopter violates Indian airspace

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The Indian Army and the Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) have told the Union government of at least five aerial intrusions by the Chinese Peoples’ Liberation Army (PLA) helicopters this year in the sensitive Depsang sector of East Ladakh and the Barahoti plains inPeoples’ Liberation Army , according to officials familiar with the matter. Two PLA helicopters entered Indian airspace for between two and 10 minutes in the two sectors and were spotted about six kilometers across the perceived Line of Actual Control (LAC), said a government official who asked not to be named. There were three intrusions in the Depsang bulge, the site of a 21-day face-off between the Indian army and the PLA in April 2013, and two in the Barahoti Plains, he added.

Maps of western sector have not been exchanged between India and China, but the intrusions in the Barahoti plains are being seen by the Indian security establishment as a cause for concern because maps of the middle sector have been xchanged. “Aerial intrusions have been seen, with the Chinese PLA trying to emphasise its territorial claim. This could also be an ans- wer to Indian posturing since the Army and the ITBP are patrolling the LAC to its defined limits,” said a senior Army commander on condition of anonymity. Indian ambassador to China, Gautam Bambawale, told a Hong Kong newspaper last week that India would contest any unilateral changes to the 3,488- km LAC. Indian and Chinese troops were involved in a 73-day standoff in Doklam last year

Chinese military jets once again enter Taiwanese airspace

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Taiwan Defense Ministry said it sent aircraft to shadow China air force fighter jets as they flew through the Bashi Channel to the south of the Island. China sent an unspecified number of Xian H-6 bombers, Su-30 fighter jets and Y-8 transport aircraft over the waterway on their way to the West Pacific Ocean; they were followed by Taiwan jets until the mainland aircraft returned to base.

Meeting New Taipei City Mayor Eric Chu in Shanghai on Monday, the newly appointed head of China’s policy- making Taiwan Affairs Office, Liu Jieyi, said China was clear in its opposition to Taiwan independence. China hopes both sides of the Taiwan Strait can work together for the peaceful development of relations and “jointly promote the process of the peaceful reunification of the motherland”, Liu told Chu. While China insists it has no hostile intent, its military exercises and patrols around Taiwan, and in the busy South China Sea waterway, have touched a nerve in the region and in the United States.

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