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Vishaj: Chief Prosecutor Marky can’t appoint or dismiss


The head of the Criminal Lawyers’ Association, Saimir Vishaj, made a statement in an interview for Report TV, he declared: “Chief Prosecutor Arta Marku cannot appoint or dismiss, but she can command at the helm of any prosecution of judicial districts any prosecutor with moral and professional integrity”. Then he adds that based on the new law on Prosecution, the General Prosecutor has no mandatory role for investigations or abolishing decisions because such competence has passed to the court”. Vishaj clarified that it is in the attributes of the General Prosecutor, but he aroused the concern that there are prosecutors leading prosecutions today, who have lost the functions of command.”The head of the General Prosecution cannot create other institutions without HCP first being established.This lack causes a vacuum in the work of the prosecution. The role of the chief prosecutor should be the selection of the best prosecutors, there are six prosecutors who will be part of the HCP after passing the vetting, together with the five members coming from the parliament. Only an agreement of political subjects will enable the new institutions within spring” concluded Vishaj.

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