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Zaev presented programs from the Operational Plan for active measures for employment


In the framework of the working visit to Stip today, Zoran Zaev and the Minister of Labor and Social Policy Mila Carova, presented a working meeting with the employers from the region of Stip, the measures and programs from the Operational Plan for Active Measures for Employment and Services on the labor market. At the working meeting, opinions, ideas and suggestions from employers were shared about their needs from skilled staff and workers, and discussed the possibilities opened by the Operational Plan for Active Employment Measures to overcome the shortage of skilled labor. Prime Minister Zaev and Minister Carova called on employers to use the measures and support from the Government at their disposal and to be part of the process of creating professional and qualified staff for the development of the economy and job creation.

After the closing of the working meeting, Prime Minister Zaev and Minister Carova gave brief statements for the media. Finally, Prime Minister Zaev shared the experience of a recent visit to Austria where this problem, among other things, is solved by dual education, and said that the state will finance retraining and that the purpose of the measures is to gain practical experience and permanent employment.


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